10th july Full Movie Download
10th july Full HD Download

10th july Full Movie Download

Movie Name : 10th july

Director Name : Ratul Gangopadhyay

Writer Name : Ratul Gangopadhyay

Actor Names : Chiranjit, Rituparna Sengupta, Abhrajit Bhattacharya, Kanchana Maitra... more

Release Date : 02/28/2014

Moive Language : Bangla


t’s a story of however Mridul’s love for Arka facilitate them robust enough to fight their inner demons and society’s apprehensions towards same-sex relationship.

10th july Full HD Download

At a time once the full country is in turmoil concerning the problems of LGBT rights and each artistic medium is speaking au courant behalf of them, if a movie claims that it’s coping with love on the far side gender specifications, it will generate a substantial quantity of interest.

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And once names like Chiranjeet and Rituparna Sengupta square measure within the solid, it isn’t wrong to expect a sensitive handling of the topic. But, alas, once one watches tenth July, each the preceding assumptions end up to be wrong. The director (Ratul Ganguly) might have his heart and intentions within the right places, but, the on-screen presentation of the sensitive issue came bent on be riddled with confusion.
10th JULY Movie Official Trailer

The plot line will mostly be goddam for the balls-up. It’s convoluted and most of the days, utterly illogical and unconventional. whereas Mridul’s (Chiranjeet) character is shown to be gay and all dotty with Arka (Abhrajeet), Arka’s sexual preferences and therefore the consecutive choices he takes, leave the audience baffled. why a bloke turns a homosexual, the instant he finds that his betrothed (with whom he gets intensely physical each time they meet) may be a closet lesbian? will we modification our sexual orientation as simply in real life? tho’ there square measure associate abundance of informative dialogues in favour of ‘eternal love’ and ‘love on the far side the reach of temperament and gender’, it feels like the director is stuck to the physical a part of it.

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