16 – Every Detail Counts Full Movie Download
16-Every-Detail-Counts-Full Movie Download

16 – Every Detail Counts Full Movie Download

Movie Name : 16 – Every Detail Counts

Director Name : Karthick Naren

Writer Name : Karthick Naren

Actor Names : Ashwin Kumar, Rahman, Yaashika Aanand

Release Date : 03/10/2017

Moive Language : Telugu


16 – Every Detail Counts show Review: Rahman is back with a suspense heroic tale with Karthick Naren debuting as director with a heroic tale.16-Every-Detail-Counts Full Movie Download, The show involves a lot of regarding the story instead of the characters. The suspense is intense that causes you to involve within the show. it’s a whodunit that is left behind by a cop and still is bothered it.

16 – Every Detail Counts additionally referred to as D-16, may be a modern noir mystery crime heroic tale film written, made and directed by Karthick Naren, star Rahman within the leading role. that includes a preponderantly new solid and crew, the film went on to realize positive reviews from film critics also turning into a profitable venture. The music consists by earth-closet Bejoy.

16 Every Detail Counts Full Movie Download

16 – Every Detail Counts show Story: The film fast-forwards six years once we see a retired and incapacitated cop, Deepak (Rahman), talking regarding his splendidly unresolved case of the murder to a young man UN agency desires to hitch the Indian Police Service. On an on the face of it boring morning six years alone, Deepak is termed in to analyze a suicide of a file that later seems to be a case of killing. at the same time as he probes this, he gets a telephone call a few lady missing from her flat, wherever there square measure traces of blood. Deepak realizes that there’s a weird link between these 2 unfortunate ladies. however, he cannot nail anybody.

Rahman is effective because the law officer is known as upon to try to one thing that he doesn’t quite treasure. maybe the film causes perplexity throughout the motion picture. The motion picture generally shows that it’s during a high intense however audience doesn’t perceive the medium feel within the motion picture. It’s simply associate degree insane suspense that causes you to assume wherever have we tend to start.16-Every-Detail-Counts Full Movie Download,Raja Rani Full Movie HD Download,

Deepak (Rahman) could be a sincere cop United Nations agency is chasing a murder of a person and missing of a girl. A gang of 3 spoilt brats runs them over a person and that they try to urge far from cops. Gautham could be a freshly appointed cop United Nations agency assists Deepak with the investigation. once they ar on the brink of crack the case, they’re savagely slashed during a casualty. the remainder of the story is what precisely happened on its night.16-Every-Detail-Counts Full Movie Download,

16 Every Detail Counts Full Movie Download

Veteran actor Rahman rediscovers himself with this film with an outstanding performance. The realistic characterization by the director helps him to offer a balanced outlook to that. He has 2 get-ups and each air nicely done. His visual communication and nuances create the United States go with the character. The soundtrack voice has additionally helped his characterization. Prakash Vijayaraghavan is spectacular as associate degree gung-ho new recruit. Director Karthik Naren did an anaglyph as a brief film creating student. All actors seem authentic..

screenplay – direction: A story like this wants a decent playscript to figure. Debutant director Karthik Naren has created positive that there’s suspense within the film until climax by revealing little info at regular intervals. The flashback kind of narration conjointly worked well. because the title ‘16 – each Detail Counts’ suggests there’s plenty of description within the film and you may miss one thing if you don’t follow the narration with plenty of concentration. Director hasn’t deviated from content and created positive that there’s no deletable scene.Guru Full Movie High Quality Download,

It’s a tough task to compose background score for such quite inquiring films and it’s contemporary. photography by Sujith Sarang is superb. Dialogues by Sivarama Prasad Gogineni area unit apt. written material by DI by Sreejith Sarang is sweet. Sri Tirumala Tirupathi Venkateswara Films banner (producers of surprise blockbuster Bichagadu) has created positive that the soundtrack standards area unit sensible and promoted it sharply despite limitations for this genre.16-Every-Detail-Counts Full Movie Download,

16 Every Detail Counts Official Trailer

16 EDC may be a dubbed version of Tamil multiplex hit Dhruvangal Pathinaaru. Crime thrillers have the distinctive advantage of going well with audiences if narrated with fascinating playscript and if they need a stunning ending. sixteen EDC has sensible playscript, good casting and a pleasant twist in a climax. It’s a decent watch if you have got AN craving for inquiring crime thrillers

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