24  Hindi Dubbed Full Movie HD Download
24 Hindi Dubbed Full HD Movie Download

24 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie HD Download

Movie Name : 24 Hindi Dubbed

Director Name : Vikram K. Kumar

Writer Name : Vikram K. Kumar

Actor Names : Suriya, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Nithya Menon

Release Date : 05/06/2016

Moive Language : Hindi


Time motion has invariably been a desirable prospect among man’s limitless imaginations and Vikram Kumar has done a neat job in visualizing this imagination in his fifth film ‘24  Hindi Dubbed Full  Movie HD Download’.A majority of the Hollywood films free underneath the sci-fi class would enter the trash box if individuals applied logic, thus let’s handily leave logic outside whereas getting into for this occurrence south Indian sci-fi.Suriya, UN agency invariably looks to own associate degree affinity for sci-fi movies evident in his involvement with unsatisfactory films like ‘7aum arrive’, ‘Maattraan’ and ‘Masss’, portrays 3 completely different roles in ‘24’, of that the antagonist’s role ‘Athreya’ is one that reveals the unknown dimension of this actor, UN agency was on the verge of being typified as a romantic hero.

24 Official Trailer

24  Hindi Dubbed Full  Movie HD Download’ is that the story of a watch, with that the owner will trip the past and future and management the time. it’s made-up by Sethuraman (Suriya) a mortal and his twin brother, the dreadful Athreya desires to grab it from him. Athreya’s quest to induce the watch extends to consequent generation (26 years in future) as he needs to currently catch on from Mani (Suriya) the son of Sethuraman. What happens to the watch, however it changes the lives of the 3 characters within the course of its travel, and UN agency gets the watch ultimately is what ‘24’ is all regarding.

24 Hindi Dubbed full movie free download in hdWriter-Director Vikram Kumar wastes no time in beginning the film. The story starts with the terribly initial shot with the crisp introduction of Sethuraman character his analysis and his tiny family. inside many minutes, the dreadful Athreya character is introduced with its full ominous power. the primary twenty minutes includes associate degree intense sequence particularisation regarding the most crux and a pulsing chase sequence.

Once the story moves to the long run (the gift from the audience perspective), the film,24  Hindi Dubbed Full Movie High Quality Download gathers scope for lighter moments. The manner the time travel ability of the special watch is discovered to the lead character of the film in addition because the audience is de facto out of the planet. Vikram Kumar has used comedy and additionally additional up romance to clarify the time travel construct. a singular concept that has additionally found out uproariously.

The pre-interval standoff between Athreya and Mani and also the interval block are a few things to observe out for. a movie like this cannot get a higher interval block with an immense level of suspense and shock. Post interval, larger surprises wait in the queue. It involves a maze of your time and interchanging of characters. All narrated curiously while not confusing the audience. This additionally includes suspense, surprise, and thrills in regular intervals. can|you’ll|you may} desire the film goes on a path you’d have foreseen however the manner the scene ends with a surprise twist will cause you to appreciate the script author Vikram Kumar.

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Mainly for Athreya character, ‘24  Hindi Dubbed full movie free download goes to be a movie that folks ar about to boost the list of films that build them determine Suriya as a good entertainer. taking part in a negative character for the primary time, he has done an incredible job. He has brought the unpleasantness of a unpitying persona along with his distinctive voice, gestures and visual communication. he’s at his usual best within the different 2 positive characters. although it’s not a really robust role for Samantha, she impresses together with her charming appearance and cute performance within the screen time she gets within the film. Her costumes and buildup make her look thus young and beautiful. Her expressions ar cute within the scenes were she is deceived by Suriya. be careful with her performance within the scene with villain Athreya, Nithya Menen does not have huge scope to perform however she will justice to the role offered to her with the restricted screen time. Saranya is as was common act as a mother loaded with comedy and sentiment.

Rahman’s songs area unit pleasing to the ears and therefore the approach they need to be been shot in exotic foreign locales comes as a visible treat. Re-recording is apt in several scenes because the laurels Nayagan is aware of wherever to stress and wherever to form North American country feel the presence of music.

24 Hindi Dubbed High Quality Full Movie Download24  Hindi Dubbed full movie download may be a lovely product of teamwork. photographer Tirru’s visuals, Rahman’s apt music, art direction and VFX- of these intangible crew members have contributed equally to uplift the film. The work set that has lots of preventative facilities created by the mortal with some lovely styles in it as well as a multi-purpose cradle for the child. Speak volumes concerning the sensible efforts of stage director pair Amit and Subrato Rao.On the flip aspect, the film is slow paced within the half. it’s graspable that the film with a time travel thought would need same quite scenes double or thrice however that might have worn out a fashion that doesn’t build North American country feel the verboseness. The sentiment and romance scenes have additionally not found out therefore well whereas comedy is fairly sensible chiefly because of Suriya’s uber cool performance and dialogue delivery because of the watch mechanic Mani.

One might additionally not facilitate feeling the requirement for additional rationalization on what would be the impact on the opposite folks if someone travels with time back and forth. The film,24  Hindi Dubbed Full Movie additionally features a ton of incidental turns that moves the story forward. Peple who Liked also like Bahubali 2 Full Movie Download

There area unit some flips within the technical aspect too. The house and street of Mani, the cricket ground etc area unit aloof from authentic. There are some palpable CG errors. within the scene wherever Athreya punches Sethuraman we have a tendency to might simply determine that it’s been done by CG. Even a family photograph feels like a collage of various individual photos.The climax is another purpose wherever the director looks to possess worked laboriously to bring the most effective outcome. because the picture show reveals a large vary of potentialities for a conclusion, Vikram Kumar selected the most effective choice that has a full new perspective concerning the picture show and additionally concerning time riddled life through the climax.

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