Ajab Singh Ki Gajab Kahani Full Movie HD Download
Ajab Singh Ki Gajab Kahani Full Movie Download

Ajab Singh Ki Gajab Kahani Full Movie HD Download

Movie Name : Ajab Singh Ki Gajab Kahani

Director Name : Rishi Prakash Mishra

Writer Name : Rishi Prakash Mishra

Actor Names : Vikas Giri, Rajesh Jais, Amit Koushik

Release Date : 04/21/2017

Moive Language : Hindi


Ajab Singh Ki Gajab Kahani Full Movie Free High Quality Download. The film opens with a newsman stepping into the little city that appears abandoned, with a sculpture of (Ranbir Kapoor). The newsman asks, wherever square measure the folks of the city, the sculpture then narrates the story behind it.

Prem (also Ranbir Kapoor) may be a free-loader United Nations agency, whereas serving to his friend flee, meets Jenny (Katrina Kaif). Ajab Singh Ki Gajab Kahani Full Movie HD Download. They each share the attribute of stuttering after they square measure emotional. In such an instant, the stuttering Jenny induces a spontaneous stammer in Prem, that she misunderstands for mockery.

Ajab Singh Ki Gajab Kahani Full Movie Trailer

Though this makes her dislike Prem at first, once she finds out his stammer is authentic, the 2 become friends. Prem eventually falls loving with Jenny, though she is oblivious to the current and solely considers him as a devotee. once he tries to inform Jenny his feelings, he finds out that Jenny is loving together with her faculty friend Rahul (Upen Patel).

He then meets Rahul and finds out that Rahul loves Jenny over his family, thus helps them board a train to flee. However, Rahul disappears at the train depot, and Jenny returns to Prem thus Prem will facilitate her realize Rahul.

Ajab Singh Ki Gajab Kahani High Quality Download

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As Rahul’s father doesn’t like Jenny and fully opposes relationship between Jenny and Rahul, chiefly owing to the spiritual barrier, Jenny being a Christian and Rahul a Hindu, once Prem visits Rahul’s house for Jenny’s proposal with Rahul, he’s affronted by Rahul’s father. Ajab Singh Ki Gajab Kahani Full Movie Download. Prem convinces his mother to let Jenny hide in their house whereas Rahul’s family seek for her, however they’re eventually caught by the police.

After that, Jenny lies to the police, claiming that she and Prem area unit smitten, to save lots of Rahul’s name. whereas Prem corroborates Jenny’s lie, he gets emotional and spurts out his true feelings for Jenny, that Jenny mistakes for over-acting.

Prem and Jenny with success move to the club to induce reunited with Rahul. Rahul tells Prem that he (Rahul) and Jenny area unit aiming to prepare the marriage in 2 days.

Unfortunately, every day before the marriage, Jenny gets seize by Sajid Don (Zakir Hussain) UN agency is seeking a ransom from Rahul’s father in exchange for her.Prem and his buddies realize her in Sajid Don’s warehouse. Ajab Singh Ki Gajab Kahani Full Movie. A uproarious fight ensues between Prem and Sajid Don’s gang. Prem’s father (Darshan Jariwala) joins the fight, too. Later on, Sajid Don, a needed criminal, gets in remission.

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