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AMAR PRITHIBI Full Movie Download


Director Name : Partha Sarathi Joarder

Writer Name : Partha Sarathi Joarder

Actor Names : Soumitra Chatterjee, Bhaswar Chatterjee, Sonali

Release Date : 04/15/2015

Moive Language : Bangla


The film’s tagline says it will not enable you to maneuver. Sure, it won’t. For you would be rendered stupefied through the assault that the film is. Take our advice: provides it a miss.

AMAR PRITHIBI High Quality Download

Somu (Bhaswar Chatterjee) is often reduced by his moralist partner (Sonali Chaudhuri). On a visit to his father’s previous property in a very village somewhere within the outskirts, Sonali humiliates and eventually ousts Soumitra Chatterjee, UN agency was once secure by Bhaswar’s father. She additionally kills a person whereas making an attempt to avoid wasting her female offspring from a crazy man’s antics. furious by his partner behaviour, Somu leaves the house and goes missing solely to send over a can to his female offspring on her birthday that states, she’s the only real heir to any or all his property.

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There is such a issue as too comedy. And Partha Sarathi Joarder’s Amar Prithibi has AN abundance of it. The result’s 2 hours of exaggerated drama that you just don’t desire to sit down through. The film starts with a young woman Disha, obtaining AN anonymous telephone. She is asked to satisfy the caller, a lawyer, UN agency hands her over a can that her male parent left for her.

Now, the film transitions into flashback and drags it for over one and a 0.5 hours. Somu, a doctor by profession, visits his paternal village Bokulpur, together with his partner and female offspring. things begin to show worse, nearly predictably, as Somu’s stuck-up lady|woman|adult female|spouse|partner|married person|mate|better half} insults nearly everybody within the village so labeling herself as AN chesty and disrespect woman. Throughout the film, Amar Prithibi drags, bores and typecasts town dwellers as air-headed and highly strung. though it boasts of an honest solid in type of Soumitra Chatterjee, Bhaswar Chatterjee and Monami Ghosh, the script does not enable anyone abundant mental health.

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A jerky redaction, unhealthy filming (a song sequence oscillates between monochrome and colour) and to prime it all, a foul script- Amar Prithibi hovers over a plan however ne’er very gets to the purpose. Random characters emerge, everybody with AN oh-so-sad story to inform then they either die or sidelined. Eitherway, they ne’er show au courant screen once more. Veteran actor Soumitra Chatterjee, the sole state of the film, will justice to his role.

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