Ardaas Full Movie HD Download
Ardaas Full Movie HD Download

Ardaas Full Movie HD Download

Movie Name : Ardaas

Director Name : Gippy Grewal

Writer Name : Gippy Grewal

Actor Names : Karamjit Anmol, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Parminder Gill

Release Date : 03/11/2016

Moive Language : Panjabi


Ardaas 2016 pic Free transfer 720p BluRay Ardaas (Gurmukhi:?????,Ardaas Full Movie Download, may be a Punjabi film coordinated and composed by Gippy Grewal. Adams may be a film primarily based upon the foremost crucial and minimum talked upon social problems and was discharged on eleventh March 2016.Gurmukh Singh (Gurpreet Ghuggi) may be a center teacher in AN administration work. he’s changed to a different city aloof from his home. when achieving the city he gets along totally different characters – (Rana Ranbir), Shambhu Nath (Anmol), Asa Sohi (Ammy Virk), Subedar (B.N. Sharma), Binder (Mandy Takhar) to call many.Ardass may be a film regarding social problems. Ardaas 2016 pic Free transfer 720p BluRay.

Ardaas Full Movie Download

Ardaas 2016 pic Free transfer 720p BluRay this can be introduction picture of Gippy Grewal as director.The story is a person Gurmukh Singh (Gurpreet Ghuggi) World Health Organization is an educator. Gurmukh lost her married woman and unhatched kid as a result of her mom’s want. At that time he selected to unfold Gurbani and truth among the copiously needed people. he’s been changed to a city wherever he saw the distresses and troubled families. He helped those people by giving them a high quality from Gurbani.Ardaas Full Movie Download,

Gurmukh Singh (Gurpreet Ghuggi) could be a Gymnasium teacher in a very government job. he’s transferred to a replacement village far away from his home. Upon reaching the village he meets up varied characters (Rana Ranbir), Shambhu Nath (Anmol), Asa Sohi (Ammy Virk), Subedar (B.N. Sharma), Binder (Mandy Takhar) to call some. All of them have their own set of issues in their life as well as Gurmukh United Nations agency has lost his married woman Bani (Mehar Vij). Gurmukh teaches others to be content with what they need and believes Ardaas and prayers to Waheguru. can Gurmukh’s belief in Waheguru place the lives of all the characters on a right path? Or can one thing get it wrong on the way? Watch Ardaas understand more…Saadi Love Story Full Movie Download,

Review: Adams talks regarding this scenario of Punjab – dependency, Bank Loans, Farmer Suicide, Missing Husband and far additional regarding the lives of 7-8 individuals, not remotely connected or related to each other however living within the same village and obtain affected within the method. Ardaas is additional of AN emotional journey. five to six totally different stories unveil in those a hundred thirty-five minutes [a conception that’s in style in screenland and shortly catching over here as well] and every makes a hanging statement.

Ardaas Full Movie Download

Gippy Grewal’s 1st venture as a Director is one in every of those films that don’t deviate from the core issue. it should not be foolproof in terms of writing, however, the execution is thus compelling that one overlooks those minor blemishes within the narrative. purpose price noting is that Gippy himself is that the author here. He’s done each the story and script himself that is a shot price appreciating. However, Gippy Grewal has dead this sensitive subject with gloves, handling every of the stories with utmost care.Ardaas Full Movie Download,

At times I felt that the story was moving from one character to a different at a really brisk pace that typically works in favor and typically against of the film. Dialogues by Rana Ranbir were compelling. I likable many of Gurpreet Ghuggi’s dialogues wherever he teaches others truth that means of life and the way one ought to live life. nice job at the dialogues.Nikka Zaildar Full Movie HD Download,

From a learned scholar World Health Organization may be a faculty teacher to associate degree orphan postman; from a retired aged father associate degree his female offspring to a troubled lover and singer at the dawn of his career; from an angry and burdened adulthood farmer to a tiny low cute woman World Health Organization has unbreakable trust in Waheguru: Ardaas follows the lives of individuals from all strata of Punjab’s villages as they tackle the aftermaths of unfortunate incidents in their lives that bring out the most effective and typically the worst in them.

Ardaas Official Trailer

Ardaas appearance at the common tragedy i.e. totally different reminder life, however, diversifies into 6-7 totally different stories at the terribly begin itself. every of these stories and therefore the characters delineate in those stories ar relatable. If you haven’t witnessed these folks, there’s a break that you simply may be detected or examined them somewhere. They feel thus near the hearts of the viewer.Ardaas Full Movie Download,

Amongst these stories, those that leave a stronger impression ar Gurpreet Ghuggi-Mehar Vij’s story and Ammy Virk-Sardar Sohi’s story. Rana Ranbir’s story might not charm as there isn’t any conclusion shown regarding his story, whereas Mandy’s story has its fair proportion of moments, however, isn’t as impactful as a number of the opposite ones.


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