ARUNDHATI  full movie download
ARUNDHATI movie download

ARUNDHATI full movie download

Movie Name : ARUNDHATI

Director Name : Sujit Mondal

Writer Name : Sujit Mondal

Actor Names : Koel Mallick, Indraneil Sengupta, Swagata Mukherjee, Debshankar Haldar

Release Date : 05/06/2010

Moive Language : Bangla


Do reincarnation films work today? Tollywood tries to interrupt the formula from time to time with thrillers or horror stories, however not often with relationship tales. and that is what makes Arundhati price a watch. Its uncommon plot provides you a respite from the boy-meets-girl stories that area unit churned out via production line. Yes, it is a remake of 1 of the very best grossing Telugu films of recent times, however this Tolly version has enough Bangaliana in it to create it stand out.

ARUNDHATI movie download

The film follows the unlucky story of the house of Dhulibari. Mishti (Koel), the primary girl born within the family in twenty years, visits her ancestral home before her wedding. There, she involves understand that she is that the similitude of her great-grandmother, Arundhati, WHO was once the ruling queen of Dhulibari.

She conjointly learns that Arundhati gave her life to safeguard her individuals from the evil Hindu deity (Indraneil), whom she had buried alive. when several violent and mysterious turns, Mishti realizes that she is that the reincarnated avatar of Arundhati and she or he should agitate the evil that returns from the dead. Before you begin jab holes within the story, let this reviewer cue you that fantasy films area unit best enjoyed if you allow your logical mind back reception.

ARUNDHATI movie download

What makes Arundhati a watchable film is that the forged. Among the supporting actors, Soma Chakrabarty because the caretaker of the rajbari, Annada Ma, is sweet as was common (if you’ll be able to ignore the ridiculous white wig) and Debshankar Halder because the angel cake is considerable, albeit theatrical from time to time. Koel and Indraneil work the wants of their characters to the T. Koel as queen Arundhati aka Manima appearance majestic and acts likewise. however she could be a disappointment as Mishti.

ARUNDHATI Bangla Movie Official Trailer

However, Indraneil because the wicked Hindu deity and also the evil-to-the-core Kalrudra is sort of convincing. be careful for that sexy gaze that may create your skin crawl. an acceptable background score, considerable lighting tricks (spirits dissolving into nullity does not cause you to go ROFL) and sensible production style create the actors’ job easier.

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