Baro Bou Full Movie Download
Baro Bou Full Movie Download

Baro Bou Full Movie Download

Movie Name : Baro Bou

Director Name : Bablu Samaddar

Writer Name : Bablu Samaddar

Actor Names : Ranjit Mallick, Soumitra Chatterjee, Tapas Pal, Abhishek Chatterjee... more

Release Date : 05/09/2007

Moive Language : Bangla


This is a story of a class woman Sampa and her family. Sampa works in Associate in Nursing workplace. She loves her workplace collegue Barun. Barun wished to marry an expensive woman.

Baro Bou Full Movie Download

however at the time of Barun’s wedding her workplace colegues disclosed each issue to Barun’s father and organized to send Sampa to Barun’s house as his partner. Barun and his 2 sisters- in- law couldn’t settle for Sampa as t she came from a class family.

She was solely accepted by her father -in- law and 2 brothers- in- law. Barun forever tried to hackle Sampa. Sampa managed to induce employment for his brother by the assistance of her workplace boss WHO conjointly darling Sampa as his female offspring. within the unit of time Barun started taking wine.

Baro Bou Movie Official Trailer

He proved Sampa as a nasty woman to each body. however later he withdrew all allegations against sampa ahead of the family. They started living a cheerful life.

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