Chuttalabbayi Full Movie HD Download in Hindi
Chuttalabbayi Full Movie HD Download in Hindi

Chuttalabbayi Full Movie HD Download in Hindi

Movie Name : Chuttalabbayi Hindi Dubbed

Director Name : Veerabhadram

Writer Name : Veerabhadram

Actor Names : Aadi, John Kokken, Sai Kumar

Release Date : 08/19/2016

Moive Language : Hindi


Young hero Aadi, is attempting exhausting to get a success in his career. during this method, he’s currently back with a poster mortal titled Chuttalabbayi. Directed by Veera Bhadram, this film has hit the screens these days. Let’s see however it seems to be.


Chuttalabbayi Full Movie High Quality DownloadBabji (Aadi), a recovery agent comes across a woman named Kavya(Namitha Pramod) UN agency is on the run citing danger from her family. He helps her during a crunched state of affairs however to his dangerous luck, Kavya’s brother(Abhimanyu Singh) mistakes that Babji is behind all this and starts chasing the couple.
Left with no selection, Bajbi brings Kavya to his village and introduces her to his family as his supporter. As time passes by, Kavya falls loving with Babji. once things appear to travel simply fine, Kavya’s family together with yet one more gang attack Babji and his family.Chuttalabbayi Full  Movie HD Download in Hindi Rest of the story is on however Babji solves all his issues and lands up marrying Kavya.

Artists’ Performances:

Aadi and Namitha Pramod each have done justice to their roles during this timeworn script. Aadi has high energy and he has accomplished his role well. The new heroine has shown smart acting skills however she lacks glamor.

Prudhvi has generated quite a few smart laughs within the half though his role is nothing new. Posani’s characterization is irritating. Sai Kumar and Annapurna square measure okay. Raghu Babu’s is a routine comedy. Ali is sweet. John Kokken and Abhimanyu Singh have mere appearances, however, lack depth in their characters.

Chuttalabbayi Official Trailer

Plus Points:

Aadi appearance good in his role and has improved plenty together with his screen presence and acting capabilities. he’s smart together with his dances and additionally packs a clock on the action department. tho’ Sai Kumar has nothing a lot of to try to within the Chuttalabbayi Full Movie HD Download in Hindi, he brings a depth to the proceedings throughout the last half.Once again, thirty years Pruthivi saves the film throughout the primary as all his comedy scenes are handled well. the primary is simply okay when put next to the second. Posani, Ali and Raghu man manage to bring some laughs here and there.

Minus Points:

Chuttalabbayi High Quality Full Movie DownloadOne of the most important drawbacks of the Chuttalabbayi  Full Movie High Quality Download is that the routine story line. The film is sort of sure and doesn’t have abundant to supply in terms of novelty. Heroine Namitha Pramod may be a weak link as a more robust heroine would have done wonders to the film.
Second half bogs down when a moment as some routine comedy and obsolete scenes inherit the image. one more disadvantage is that the weak characterization. Right from the feminine lead, heroine’s brother to Sai Kumar’s married woman, some good artists would have created things higher.

Technical Aspects:

Production values of the Chuttalabbayi  full movie MP4 download square measure quite made because the manufacturers have spent ample quantity to showcase the film well. The computer graphics is additionally good because it nicely depicts the village atmosphere. a piece of writing is below average so were the dialogues. Thaman’s music is nice however, one among his song throughout the second might are avoided.
Coming to the director Veera Bhadram, he has done around okay together with his direction. He manages to narrate the primary 0.5 well and even brings a good interval bang. however, the manner he dealt the half with the lack of fun parts creates things unsatisfactory.Peple who liked also likes Businessman 2 (Pandaga Chesko) Full Movie download


On the entire, Chuttalabbayi  Full Movie Download is one film that has a noteworthy half. Aadi’s sincere performance and a few smart comedy by Pruthvi square measure basic assets. On the flip facet, lack of novel story line and attention-grabbing moments throughout the half makes this film value a watch strictly for a number of laughs.

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