DEVI  full movie download In HD Quality

DEVI full movie download In HD Quality

Movie Name : DEVI

Director Name : Rick Basu

Writer Name : Rick Basu

Actor Names : Paoli Dam, Shataf Figar, Shubh Mukkherjee

Release Date : 02/10/2017

Moive Language : Bangla


The story tries to interpret the theme and also the gender roles area unit reversed. The catch line of the film is: What if Devdas be a girl. an excellent endeavour a minimum of on paper, we have a tendency to expected a coming back of the sting, subversive, postmodernist film in Bengali, following the modern noir Hindi version from the Indie God Anurag Kashyap and alas! What a tragedy. woman director Rick Basu isn’t any Anurag and Hindu deity isn’t even near Dev-D.

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For making a landmark out of a classic novel and film (Devdas has been made/remade a minimum of seventeen times in numerous languages) one desires vision and also the script severely lacks that most so even a precocious actor like Paoli Dam looked cautious, eccentric and now and then Premi O Premi Full Movie High Quality Downloadscreaming rather than tragic. Being subversive is cool, provided subversion additionally includes a sturdy ideology, the Director has simply incomprehensible the purpose, thus all his ambition went topsy turvey and also the audience isn’t even diverted properly.

DEVI full movie download mp4

Devi(Paoli Dam) is purportedly Associate in Nursing ace documentary maker together with her own high fly ambition that she leaves her childhood love Prateek(Subha Mukherjee)for higher studies within the USA.

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Devi Bangla Movie Official Trailer

Prateek sulks and will not pass though her, eventually marries(Rachael White) and settles down. That unsettles Hindu deity, she escapes to Pattaya for work and fumes, savours narcotics, casual sex and what not!

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