Greeku Veerudu Full Movie Free Download
Greeku Veerudu Full Movie Free Download

Greeku Veerudu Full Movie Free Download

Movie Name : Greeku Veerudu

Director Name : Kondapalli Dasaradh Kumar

Writer Name : Dasaradh (story), Gopimohan

Actor Names : Nagarjuna, Nayantara, Meera Chopra

Release Date : 05/02/2013

Moive Language : Telugu


‘King’ Akkineni Nagarjuna’s ‘Greeku Veerudu’ has discharged across the planet nowadays. Greeku Veerudu Full Movie Free Download, The motion-picture show has been directed by Dasaradh and Shiva Prasad Reddy has made it on Kamakshi Movies banner. The film has Nagarjuna and Nayanathara within the lead roles. Music has been composed by Thaman. allow us to see however the film is.

Story :

Chandu (Nagarjuna) may be an inconsiderate NRI event manager. He believes in enjoying life, with none commitments and attachments. when the failure of a happening, he’s dragged to court by PR (Ashish Vidyardhi) and Chandu winds up with an enormous fine on his hands.

At this time, he involves realise his family fortune in the Republic of India, that is a couple of one thousand Crores. Chandu doesn’t have any ties along with his relatives, thus he decides to travel to the Republic of India and win them over for his inconsiderate reasons. His grandad Ramakrishna Prasad (Vishwanadh) welcomes him with open arms and grows keen on him.
On the journey to the Republic of India, he runs into Sandhya (Nayanatara), WHO works for the ‘Make a Wish’ foundation. Greeku Veerudu Full Movie Free Download, He develops feelings for her and Sandhya conjointly reciprocates.To appease his family, Chandu requests Sandhya to act as his married person, to that she obliges.

Greeku Veerudu Official Trailer

But things unravel once Chandu’s motives become acknowledged. what is going to he neutralise these circumstances? can the amendment as a person? can he get the love of his grandfather? That forms the story of ‘Greeku Veerudu’.

Plus Points:

Nagarjuna appearance fashionable and suave within the role of Chandu. His costumes area unit very good, as always. He has tried his hand at dances during this film and he has done an honest job within the ‘I hate love stories’ song. Nayanathara appearance quite stunning within the film and her costumes area unit terribly nice. The screen chemistry between these 2 actors is kind of nice to look at. people also like Ice Cream 2 telegu full movie download.

Veteran actor K. Vishwanadh has done a neat job within the film. The scenes between Nagarjuna and Vishwanadh have commenced well. Character role player Sudha features a few important scenes and he or she has done justice to her role.Kota Srinivasa Rao, Banerjee and Ashish Vidhyardhi area unit ok. Brahmanandmam entertains during a few sequences.

A clean family drama is at the centre of this film which is appreciated by middle-aged folks and girls. the primary 0.5 is essentially tight and simply before the interval, the emotional quotient gets a fast boost. Greeku Veerudu Full Movie Free Download,Towards the tip, M.S.Narayana, Vennela Kishore and Brahmanandam achieve making a quick confusion comedy of kinds.

Minus Points:

The pace of the film is kind of slow. the book isn’t up to the mark and therefore the plot keeps wandering everywhere the place within the last half. There area unit some loopholes within the plot.
Graphics work is kind of unhealthy. the manufacturers have gone certain matte shots to simulate USA And alternative foreign locales and these scenes area unit an ugliness. In fact, these unhealthy visuals find yourself creating folks irritated and this spoils the viewing expertise. Peole also download Galipatam Telegu movie.

The last half has some unhealthy comedy. The episode within the green, wherever Nagarjuna tries to fulfil a young kid’s last dream, is kind of badly dead. A mindless episode involving Brahmanandam and a few dogs is best forgotten.
The marriage drama sequence between Nagarjuna and Nayanathara is kind of silly.Venu Madhav, Srinivas Reddy and Dharamavarapu Subrahmanyam area unit wasted.

Technical Aspects:

The cinematography is kind of unhealthy and it’s a serious dissatisfaction. written material may are higher within the last half. Thaman’s background music is ok. Dialogues area unit ok during a few places however they may are higher. Greeku Veerudu Full Movie Free Download.
Dasaradh has succeeded in obtaining the emotional moments right. however, he ought to have paid a lot of attention to the comedy scenes and therefore the romantic track.

Verdict :

Greeku Veerudu may be a clean family drama. The film has some smart emotional moments and fine performances from Nagarjuna, Nayanathara and Vishwanadh. Poor CG shots, slow pace and a few unoriginal moments spoil the expertise to a precise extent. Overall, this is often a motion-picture show which will attractiveness a lot of to older sections of the audience.

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