Guru Full Movie High Quality Download
Gura Full Movie Download

Guru Full Movie High Quality Download

Movie Name : Guru

Director Name : Sudha Kongara

Writer Name : Harshavardhan, Sudha Kongara

Actor Names : Ritika Singh, Mumtaz Sorcar, Venkatesh Daggubati

Release Date : 04/07/2017

Moive Language : Telugu


Guru is that the latest Telugu motion-picture show asterisked Venkatesh Daggubati and Ritika Singh an expert boxers. when adult male Bangaram,Guru Full Movie Download, Venkatesh came up with the various character as Boxer & Trainer.

It is the remake of Hindi motion-picture show “Saala Khadoos” that may be a Brobdingnagian hit in Bollywood. it’s associate degree action sports drama directed by Sudha Kongara Prasad and created by S.Sashikanth and Santhosh Narayanan half-track music for this motion-picture show.

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Guru may be a psychological feature motion-picture show like Dangal which inspires ladies to sports. ending Venkatesh leads the role as the boxing coach. 2 skilled boxers in their real world from a boxing academy, Ritika Singh and Mumtaz Sorcar, World Health Organization has done films in Bengali & Hindi had signed to play 2 feminine leads in Guru 2017 Telugu motion-picture show. Ritika is as debut actor in Telugu. She lived the character and not even showed any nervousness in acting.Guru Full Movie Download,

This year senior heroes Chiranjeevi, Balayya adult male discharged their motion-picture shows khadi no one hundred fifty & Gowthami Putra Satakarni movie in Jan that were sensational hits. currently, it turns to a different senior hero Venkatesh Guru. examine the Guru Telugu motion-picture show Rating from the audience. the primary audience of this motion-picture show is Chiranjeevi and he’s pretty much happy to envision this sort of motion-picture show in Tollywood.Greeku Veerudu Full Movie Free Download,

It is a story of an expert boxer, Adi, aspires to win palm within the World box Championship, however his dreams shatter because of dirty politics within the boxing association. He equals boxing and comes to the ring as a tutor.

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Adi finds aggressive fish trafficker Rameshwari, WHO accomplishes his dream of winning palm for the country. He detected her whereas she is thrashing the judges throughout her sister’s tournament.

Adi foresees her because the next huge issue to happen in International Boxing and he started to train her. But, attributable to his strict coaching strategies and her aggressive nature, the variations arise between them. Later, once feminine lead realizes that Adi should unload his bike to produce quality instrumentality for her, she eventually falls smitten with him. But, he rejects her proposal and advises her to target the sport. Finally, the woman comes backs out victorious despite many hardships and makes his coach’s dream come true.Guru Full Movie Download,

The lead actor equal boxing solely to come back to the ring as an educator to AN aggressive fisher girl Rameshwari, WHO accomplishes his dream of winning the palm for the country. once long back Venkatesh Daggubati as given psychological feature pic for all the fans of this latest film to be sportive.Galipatam Full Movie Download In High Quality,

Telugu pic Guru, stellar Venkatesh, Ritika Singh and Nassar discharged on March thirty-one. A remake of Tamil pic Irudhi Sutter, Guru has been obtaining principally positive reviews from the audience.

The story of Guru revolves around knowledgeable boxing coach Hindu deity Rao (Venkatesh), World Health Organization gets black-listed by the corrupt officers. However, he doesn’t surrender to his passion and starts longing for a feminine boxer, whom he will train to bring a laurel wreath for the state. Eventually, he finds a possibility in Rameshwari (Ritika Singh). The struggles he and also the lady goes through creating the crux of the moving-picture show.Guru Full Movie Download,

Guru Official Trailer

While most of the viewer’s area unit complimentary Guru, a couple of others do not assume extremely regarding the moving-picture show. whereas the Tamil version of the moving-picture show was a box workplace hit, Guru has additionally been obtaining the positive response from the commoners. folks are expressing their views regarding the film on Twitter once look it. Here area unit a number of the responses:

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