Heart Attack Full Movie Download
Heart Attack Full Movie Download

Heart Attack Full Movie Download

Movie Name : Heart Attack

Director Name : Puri Jagannadh

Writer Name : Puri Jagannadh

Actor Names : Brahmanandam, Nitin, Prakash Raj

Release Date : 01/31/2014

Moive Language : Hindi


Heart Attack Full Movie Download,Young hero Nitin, is on a roll with 2 back to back hits. He has currently joined hands with Puri Jagan for a vernal individual within the variety of attack.. film industry histrion Adah Sharma makes her Tollywood debut with this film, that has music by Anup Rubens. Lets scan on to envision whether or not Nithin scores his score hit or not.

Story :-
Varun(Nithin) could be a happy go lucky guy World Health Organization keeps movement everywhere the globe. He doesn’t believe commitments and spends a carefree life. One fine day, he lands in Kingdom of Spain and spots Hyati(Adah Sharma).
On the opposite hand, Hyati involves Kingdom of Spain to assist her friend together with her romance. needless to say, Varun eyes Hyati and starts chasing her for a causative relation. when a precise purpose, Hyati falls crazy with Varun and expresses her like to him, however with a condition and leaves to India.
What is that condition? Why did Hyati conceive to keep love far from her life ? will Varun notice his love towards Hyati and chase her down? For of these queries, you wish to look at attack on the massive screen.

Plus Points:-
Heart Attack could be a complete Nithin film right from the beginning. He steals the show along with his extremely energetic performance. Nithin’s appearance, dialogue delivery and valour area unit at peaks during this film.
Adah Sharma makes a shocking debut with the attack. She appearance glamourous and conjointly manages to act very well. Her chemistry with Nithin is sizzling and has the talent to travel a protracted manner.
The first half of the film is youth headed and has all the trademark Puri Jagan dialogues and scenes. Comedy episodes that include Brahmanandam and his family area unit extremely amusing.
Another major quality of this film is Anup Rubens music. All the songs area unit high notch and have conjointly been shot lavishly. The film has fashionable action episodes which can be likeable by the youth. Prakash dominion impresses during a tiny role.

Heart Attack Official Trailer

Minus Points:-
After Associate in Nursing amusing half, one would expect a similar tempo within the half. however, that’s not the case. the joy drops drastically when the primary quarter-hour within the half. For the remainder of the film, the plot becomes routine with villains creating Associate in Nursing entry and hero saving his heroine.
Comedian Ali’s role is yet one more downside within the half. Once Ali makes Associate in Nursing entry, everybody expects Brobdingnagian doses of humour, however sadly his role is kind of dissatisfactory.
There area unit completely no twists within the half, and also the Puri mark playscript is missing during this half. within the half, he falters utterly. there’s completely no diversion and emotional depth as he simply races with the film

Technical Aspects:-
Heart Attack is high on technical aspects. As aforementioned on top of, Anup Rubens music could be a massive quality for this film. All the songs area unit amusing and build the film spirited.
Camera work is the high notch and captures Kingdom of Spain superbly. All the songs and fights are canned stylishly. Dialogues area unit smart and have the trademark Puri vogue punches. Nithin has been titled splendidly, {and appearance|and appears} handsome along with his western looks.
The entire half runs on a remarkable playscript. Puri Jagan manages to showcase the ideologies of today’s youth with a straightforward and attention-grabbing romance.

Verdict :-
On the full, the attack is one film which can most likely boost Nithiin’s career. Associate in Nursing amusing half and excellent performances from Nithin and Adha Sharma are idolised by the youth. On the flip aspect, a routine and a half spoil the fun.

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