I Love You Full Movie Download
I Love You Full Movie Download

I Love You Full Movie Download

Movie Name : I Love You

Director Name : Ravi Kinagi.

Writer Name : Ravi Kinagi.

Actor Names : Tapas Pal, Dev, Payel Sarkar

Release Date : 07/07/2007

Moive Language : Bangla


I Love You may be a 2007 Bengali romance and comedy film by Ravi Kinagi.This motion-picture show may be a remake of the Telugu film Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana. it had been a Shree Venkatesh Films production.

Rahul (Dev) may be a made, city boy, born to wealthy person oldsters and cited in Calcutta. On the opposite hand, Puja (Payel Sarkar)is a standard, straightforward desi woman, from a village of West Bengal WHO is cited by her solely brother, Hindu deity (Tapas Paul). he’s brokenhearted once their father marries another girl and throws them out of the house, demeaning them on the manner.

Their mother dies and her place is constructed on the little land that they own till the zamindar tells them that it’s his land, since their mother had taken a loan from the person. Hindu deity volunteers to figure day and night, to pay off the loan as long as they do not destroy his mother’s place. The Zamindar agrees and therefore the native station master helps them.

Slowly Hindu deity and Puja age. One day, Barsha, Puja’s relief, involves their house to ask Puja to their house as she is obtaining married. Barsha’s elder brother Rahul conjointly arrives on an equivalent day from Britain, finishing his studies. Slowly Rahul and Puja fall crazy however Rahul’s father doesn’t bear it as Puja isn’t as made as them, and is therefore to not their standards; Rahul is additionally to be married to Rahul’s father Shantonu Chowdhury’s business partner’s female offspring, Mona.

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Shantonu Chowdhury humiliates Puja moreover as Hindu deity, WHO arrives a moment before, and each ar thrown of the house once Shantonu Chowdhury accuses them of making an attempt to tempt and lure Rahul. once Rahul learns of this, he goes to Puja’s house and pleads to her brother to simply accept him. Hindu deity provides him an opportunity, similar to he was given an opportunity by the Zamindar once he was very little.

Rahul is tasked to require care of the cows, stop working once them and grow additional crops than Hindu deity by the top of the season; if he doesn’t, Rahul are going to be thrown out of the village and might ne’er see Puja once more. A village boy WHO was overwhelmed up by Hindu deity earlier, he does not bear it. together with his goons, Mona’s father making an attempt to induce Rahul to lose the competition, Rahul must work effortlessly for his love, consumption red chillies and rice everyday, although he cannot bear it.

I Love You Movie Official Trailer

Through several antics from the Village goons facet and Mona’s facet, Rahul eventually proves his love for Puja to Hindu deity, and succeeds in growing additional grains. However, the village goon kidnaps Puja so later tries to rape her. A fight takes place within which Rahul kills the goon, Indra, once realizing that Rahul and Puja ought to be along, takes the blame for this and spends five years in jail.

The motion-picture show ends with Indra’s unharness from jail that is additionally once Puja and Rahul unify, in everyone’s presence. Shantonu Chowdhury conjointly becomes happy to induce Puja as relative-in-law.

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