Ice Cream 2 Full Movie HD Download
Ice Cream 2 Full Movie HD Download

Ice Cream 2 Full Movie HD Download

Movie Name : Ice Cream @

Director Name : Ram Gopal Varma

Writer Name : Ram Gopal Varma

Actor Names : J. D. Chakravarthy, Naveena, Tanikella Bharani, Jeeva

Release Date : 11/21/2014

Moive Language : Telugu


Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma, has been churning out films one when the opposite. Ice Cream 2 Full Movie HD Download, His latest providing is frozen dessert two. major JD Chakravarthy, ratite and Naveena this film has hit the screens nowadays. Let’s see however it’s.


A group of shut friends commit to build a brief film, and head to a haunted forest to shoot it. As before long as they land there, weird things begin happening around them. once they try and shake off the scene, they get seize by Sikka(JD Chakravarthy) and his gang of bank robbers. You can Ice Cream 2 Full Movie HD Download

Twist within the tale happens once the whole cluster starts obtaining killed one when the opposite. what’s happening within the forest ? WHO is killing everybody ? will anybody survives these attacks ? That forms the remainder of the story.

Plus Points:

For starters, frozen dessert two may be a far better film than frozen dessert. a minimum of there’s some story and to a small degree of suspense showcased during this film. Locations area unit quite smart and are exploited well. J D Chakravarthy is good within the role of Sikka and brings in few laughs together with his distinctive mannerisms. He incorporates a weird makeup and is that the solely fascinating think about the film.
Nandu and Dhanraj do their roles virtually. Ice Cream 2 Full Movie HD Download, Naveena provides the mandatory visual image. half may be a bit OK compared to the primary, as most the thrills happen throughout this point.

Minus Points:

As in each RGV film, suspense component kicks off quite well however bogs down when a short while. RGV has solely focused on one issue that is killing everybody within the film. He merely showcases everybody obtaining killed while not even revealing the motive when a degree. People also like Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu Telegu full movie.

Ice Cream 2 Official Trailer

First half has completely nothing to supply as RGV uses some low cost gimmicks by adding vulgar songs solely to extend the run time. As in each film of his, there’s a pell-mell up climax here too. instead of showcasing a correct finish to the film, an easy vocalization justifies the ending that is ridiculous.

Technical Aspects:

The flow cam technology that was employed in frozen dessert was much more superior than the one showcased here. There don’t seem to be several dialogues and also the run time is good. Ice Cream 2 Full Movie HD Download, Once again, RGV comes up with real an inspiration however goes over board in his execution. Even with this film, he rushes up things Associate in Nursingd makes it for an unclear ending. playscript of the film is below par and lots of characters don’t have correct justification. People also like Pittagoda Telegu full movie.


One the total, frozen dessert two is certainly an improved film than frozen dessert. however hold on, that doesn’t mean RGV incorporates a winner. He repeats an equivalent mistakes of stretching the film an excessive amount of and ending it short. This film would are an ideal match as a brief film, however sadly it finishes up thus far another bullet misfired from the armor of RGV.

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