Irumbu Kuthiraii Hindi Dubbed full movie MP4 download
Download Irumbu Kuthiraii full movie in hd

Irumbu Kuthiraii Hindi Dubbed full movie MP4 download

Movie Name : Irumbu Kuthiraii

Director Name : Yuvaraj Bose

Writer Name : Yuvaraj Bose

Actor Names : Atharvaa,Priya Anand,Johnny Trí Nguyễn

Release Date : 08/29/2014

Moive Language : Hindi


After an applaudable performance in Bala’s “Paradesi”, all eyes on AtharvaaMurali for the acting skills he depicted arrived with a bang. As you step within the theatres to observe IrumbuKuthirai, one would expect some high speed chases, Bikes n Babes, some trendy action sequences future. therefore has the minor Yuvraj Satyendra N. Bose exceeded the expectations with this extremely knowledgeable solid and a leisure budget to play with? Let’s verify

Irumbu Kuthiraii full movie download hdIrumbu Kuthiraii  full movie free download Prithvi’s life is scarred by a motorcycle accident wherever he loses his father. Accidentally, he meets and falls for the beautiful Samyuktha UN agency makes him get a Ducati. however, that terrible bike brings danger to Prithvi attributable to a stunning past.Prithvi, a young man, is haunted by his past and despite his mother’s tries, refuses to return out of his shell. He begins to maneuver on when he falls smitten with Samyuktha, a buoyant woman, he meets accidentally. however, she is abducted by some rockers once out on a joyride and Prithvi is forced to confront his past.


Irumbu Kuthirai has a noteworthy (if familiar) premise a few young man forced to yield of his past by having to confront it. Here, Prithvi, UN agency is doing his CA and dealing part-time as a pizza pie employee, is unfree by guilt and blames himself for the death of his father during a motorbike accident. This has created him cautious of riding a motorcycle however his understanding mummy tries to urge him back into the groove, however, is unsuccessful. She even chides him once he acts sort of a model son. However, everything changes once Prithvi sees Samyuktha. He falls smitten along with her and to create her reciprocate his love, develops a relationship along with her. She could be a “bike Wikipedia” and forces him into shopping for a superbike. And, once the 2 exit for the primary time, Samyuktha is abducted by mysterious rockers. And, this has one thing to try and do with Prithvi’s past. will he overcome his personal demons and rescue her?

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Irumbu Kuthirai has been advertised as a motorbike sports film,Irumbu Kuthiraii Hindi Dubbed full movie MP4 download however what extremely works is that the romance. Atharvaa and Priya Anand square measure likable leads and this helps the romantic track. The meet-cute is absolutely nicely done. Samyuktha 1st tells Prithvi that she is head over heels in love with him and has been following him for quite it slow. this can be AN intriguing set-up and there’s some freshness within the manner during which the following scenes square measure discovered. The director even integrates the film’s,Irumbu Kuthiraii Hindi Dubbed full movie MP4 download setting — Pondicherry — effectively into this track. As in Arima Nambi, that additionally was a few woman obtaining abducted (which additionally was Priya Anand) and her not-yet-lover beau attempting to rescue her, we will perceive why Prithvi would risk his life to avoid wasting Samyuktha.Peple who liked also likes Temper full movie MP4 download in Hindi

Yuvaraj, in fact, will a decent job in giving U.S. a peek into Prithivi’s world. The friendship that Prithvi shares together with his mother (an effective Devadarshini) reminds you of an identical rapport between Gautham Karthik and Anupama Kumar (who seems during this Irumbu Kuthiraii  full movie free download because the heroine’s aunt) in Yennamo Yedho, but here, it’s done higher. Prithvi’s relationship together with his pop (the late Raghuvaran, within the variety of a photograph), though, is not as impactful, despite the director attempting laborious to form him a major presence throughout the film. the opposite shore purpose is that the mood-killing songs.

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But, most significantly, the sports parts square measure a disappointment. The role of the antagonist (played by Rebel Tri Nguyen) is underwritten and therefore, we have a tendency to square measure newer taken in by this a part of the Irumbu Kuthiraii  full movie download. the explanation why this guy is when Prithvi feels feeble. And, for a person who remains harboring guilt concerning his past, we have a tendency to don’t seem to be convinced once Prithvi does not understand who the felon is in time. The face-off between the two is additionally over-long — 1st, we have a tendency to get an ostensibly endless fisticuffs then this moves on to a motorbike race, that despite the daring shots and furious cuts, is not as exciting because it ought to be.We see him going from zero to a hundred, however, what we actually required to envision was his transformation from zero to hero.

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