JOSH  full movie download In HD Quality
JOSH full movie download

JOSH full movie download In HD Quality

Movie Name : JOSH

Director Name : Rabi Kinagi

Writer Name : Rabi Kinagi

Actor Names : Jeet, Srabanti, Tapas Pal, Anshuman..

Release Date : 07/30/2010

Moive Language : Bangla


Indra (Jeet) and Rajib (Anshuman) square measure the thickest of friends finding out within the same school. once Indra involves town to go to Rajib, Indra notices Rajib’s sister, Anu (Srabanti Chatterjee), and is interested in her instantly. once Rajib visits his home village, Indra visits beside him. Anu, UN agency returns from Singapore, is affected by Indra, UN agency frequently impresses her, supported her tastes. He gets on well with Rajib’s and Anu’s family, within the in the meantime convinces them that he would create a prospective groom for Anu.

JOSH full movie download

Anu’s family, chiefly her brother and relation, square measure concerned in regional gangs in their village. once Anu eliminates Indra to the temple for a visit, while not the information of their brother (Tapas Paul), Anu is then attacked by Rudra’s brother Nikhil (Bharat Kaul) gets hold of Anu and threatens to kill Anu.Premi O Premi Full Movie High Quality Download in a very swift action of bravery and ability, Indra knocks down Rudra’s brother.

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JOSH full movie download

After this incident, Anu’s brother, offers Indra a chat regarding why things square measure thus violent within the village. He explains however he’s a degree holder from a prestigious university (Pune) and the way his adult female is additionally a degree holder in integrated arithmetic. sadly, due the character of the villages, the contention is deadly and fatal. He ultimately says, although the villages square measure violent, he can stay a noble person, with high ideals.

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After a couple of days although, within the most ungrateful manner and a show cowardliness, the rival gang fights with fierce brutality, and also the rival gang leader Rudra (Puneet Issar) murders Rajib’s entire family, except Anu. Indra makes the promise to Anu’s brother that he can take up the responsibility of Anu which he can eventually marry her. within the method, he conjointly becomes a rival of Rudra as he kills his younger brother Nikhil to guard Anu.

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