Kadalai Full Movie Download
Kadalai Full Movie Download

Kadalai Full Movie Download

Movie Name : Kadalai

Director Name : Sagaya Suresh

Writer Name : Sagaya Suresh

Actor Names : Sagaya Suresh Stars:Iyshwarya Rajesh, Ma Ka Pa Anand, Ponvannan

Release Date : 10/29/2016

Moive Language : Tamil


SYNOPSIS: Kadalai Full Movie Download. A young adult with a lackadaisical perspective realises the importance of clench agriculture once an inconsiderate bourgeois tries to accumulate land from his village.

REVIEW: Films set within the backcloth of a village, laced with an honest story, adequate drama, romance and many screaming scenes have forever been a secure bet in Kollywood. This pageant season, director Sagaya Suresh, too, has tried to check waters with a rural flick, that options a number of these representative components with Kadalai. not like films that square measure set in a very similar surroundings, what makes the film’s plot stand out is that the plan that it tries to endorse.

Manickam (Ma Ka Pa Anand) could be a stuporous, carefree guy World Health Organization hails from a family that depends on agriculture for the living. His father, Bhoopathy (Ponvannan), someone World Health Organization commands large respect among the villagers, lapel farming. However, he’s stunning together with his son’s lack of interest in the following agriculture. Manickam, quite similar to many heroes in rural-based films, dreams of setting up a business empire without putting any effort, and finds joy in dilly-dallying with his friend (Yogi Babu) and his lady love (Aishwarya Rajesh). Things turn unexpectedly when a real estate tycoon (John Vijay) plans to acquire land in the village for his selfish motives. How Bhoopathy deals with it and saves the villagers forms the rest of the story.

Yogi Babu is a scream, unsurprisingly, and he has proved yet another time that he can carry a film on his shoulders provided it has a decent plot. His catchy one-liners and screen presence, along with support from Ma Ka Pa, deserves appreciation. Ponvannan impresses with his flawless performance as a concerned farmer, while John Vijay’s character needed more conviction. Had more effort been put into both the making and the writing, the film could have been called a good attempt, especially given the fact that it talks about the need to promote agriculture among youngsters. Our advice: go in without any expectation; that way, you might not be disappointed.

                                                Kadalai Official Trailer

Ma Ka Pa Anand seems to be largely inspired by Sivakarthikeyan and in Kadalai, he follows the same formula of playing a carefree youth in this rural comic entertainer to convey a much-needed message to the society.

Manickam( Ma Ka Pa Anand) is that the son of an obsessive farmer Boopathy (Ponvannan). whereas Boopathy needs him to check agriculture, Manickam doesn’t suppose a lot of regarding it and considers it as a waste of your time. Meanwhile, there’s a greedy realty agent (John Vijay), World Health Organization plans to shop for five hundred acres farming land in Manickam’s neighbourhood however, Boopathy convinces each farmer and make sure that they ne’er sell their lands.
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But the $64000 real estate broker sketches an inspiration and appoints Manickam as his company’s representative to shop for the farming lands. will he succeed?

Kadalai’s biggest strength is Yogi baboo, the actor brings the roof down together with his uncanny visual communication and way-out dialogue delivery, he’s beyond any doubt in super kind recently. Compared to his previous movies, Ma Ka Pa Anand has done a neat job whereas actor Ponvannan is kind of adequate. but the film’s major downside is John Vijay, the actor’s over the highest acting and loud dialogue delivery turns irritating when a point!

The first 1/2 Kadalai is kind of amusive, due to Yogi baboo and Ma Ka Pa Anand couple however slowly the film becomes predictable when the arrival of John Vijay.
Though director Sagaya Suresh’s plan of conveyancing the importance of farming is applaudable, he falls short in win over U.S. with an enticing playscript within the half. Cs Sam’s songs and background score square measure smart whereas the visuals of Raghav square measure eye catchy.
Kadalai is certainly one step more than Ma Ka Pa Anand’s previous films, due to the amusive half and an honest message however still things could’ve been higher.

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