Kathakali Full Movie Download
Kathakali Full Movie Download

Kathakali Full Movie Download

Movie Name : Kathakali

Director Name : Pandiraj

Writer Name : Pandiraj

Actor Names : Catherine Tresa, Imman Annachi, Jayaprakash, Karunas, Madhusudhan Rao

Release Date : 01/14/2016

Moive Language : Hindi


SYNOPSIS:  Kathakali Full Movie Download, Amudhavel, WHO returns to India from the America, is curse for the murder of Thamba, an area big fish, with whom he has the previous history. With a variety of potential suspects WHO had a motive to commit the murder, WHO really did it and why?

The last time we have a tendency to saw Pandiraj’s work, it absolutely was an exquisite tale of naughty kids and education. Well, the director has shifted gears drastically to Associate in Nursing action packed heroic tale that has Vishal and Catherine missioner within the lead solid. As is that the title of the motion picture, the plot too dances around a chilly full-blooded murder that is clouded by conspiracies and leaves wide open for investigation. Pandiraj has rapt removed from his usual strengths Associate in Nursing tries to experiment in an unknown territory and gets facilitate from Vishal WHO could be a bankable action hero in Kollywood.

The director wastes no time in entering into the groove; a unpitying goon Thamba, from Cuddalore with 2 trustworthy sidekicks builds his share of enemies WHO attend to a chance to pounce on him and shortly away is our hero WHO returns back to India when some years, predictably affirmative he has his own share of agony with the goon. In a shot to make the characters and their roles, Pandiraj brings into their sequences rather dead than sketching it into the plot, however that’s all till the murder takes place. Vishal steps into his city keeps cleansing his hands with sanitizer showing off he’s from America till his sweet very little girlfriend makes him dress up in the ancient Vashti apparel. There area unit enough sweet very little romantic scenes per se that unfold through the primary 0.5.

Vishal picked up the stereotype of action hero ever since the times of ‘Sandakozhi’ wherever he starts going behind the baddies, thrashes them up out of a decent heart. however that was long back, there’s a reason behind why the administrators need him to be within the skin of characters as in ‘Kathakali’, Associate in Nursing innocent fellow WHO simply minds his own business, however, rises to the occasion once it matters. that’s action not by selection, however by the state of affairs and he has fully perfect it through the times of ‘Pandiyanaadu’, ‘Naan Sigappu Manithan’ and currently in ‘Kathakali’ also. Somehow a couple of Pandiraj and Vishal appear to match their talents within the motion picture, for the director WHO is thought for creating light-weight hearted movies gets a decent boost from Vishal’s action capabilities to urge the playscript rolling.

Kathakali Official Trailer

It would not be so much stretched to mention the particular motion picture starts within the half, for the primary 0.5 is regarding the characters and their build up to the murder. Associate in Nursing surprising murder of the town’s biggest rowdy becomes chaotic with numerous murder suspects concerned and fully off the hook is Vishal, however the turnout of events makes him the first suspect resulting in all the rival gangs and also the cops on the hunt. The director takes the time to narrate the sequences, post-murder the motion picture gets going fleetly due to a spot-on playscript. Vishal-Catherine romance is straightforward and sweet though the heroine’s soundtrack appearance amiss, the exact same issue that was appreciated in Madras. The player will her role virtually within the love parts. It’s sensible to envision Karunas back within the comedy avatar when a protracted time, he comes because of the usual unimaginative friend of the hero. With a plot braced for attention-grabbing twists and turns, the director will take America on a task not with some smart as a whip investigations, however, what would need out of a state of affairs in rather straightforward terms.

The kathakali picture has 2 songs, each within the half and that they look to possess been inserted for the sake of it; that aforesaid, the BGM from Hip Hop tamizha is attention-grabbing and flows with the script. His ability to extend the orchestration for important scenes shows however the musician has adult through the times. many parts are shot esthetically in rain, the muddles of water around residences, bus travel, chase sequences all of those are captured bright by Balasubramanian, congratulations to the photographer for having given a sensible bit. Sreejith Ravi because the misanthropic officer appearance tailor created for the role; he comes within the half and will his job well. Another biggest and of the motion picture is that the runtime of two hours, crisply written material and neat playscript has done it for Kathakali.

On the total, Kathakali could be a passable mystery story interlinked with sensible family emotions. the straightforward suspense component and single purpose agenda of the film makes things watchable. If you ignore the dearth lustre story and keep your expectations under control, you’ll be able to offer this film an endeavour if you’ve got nothing else to try and do.

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