Khaidi No 150 Full Movie Download

Khaidi No 150 Full Movie Download

Movie Name : Khaidi No 150

Director Name : Vinayak V.V

Writer Name : Paruchuri Brothers

Actor Names : Chiranjeevi, Kajal Aggarwal, Tarun Arora

Release Date : 01/13/2017

Moive Language : Hindi


KHAIDI NO a hundred and fifty SYNOPSIS: Khaidi No 150 Full Movie Download, owing to a quirk of fate Kathy Seenu (Chiranjeevi), a convict on the run, finally ends up swapping places with an honest benefactor sitar player (Chiranjeevi), UN agency is fighting for the rights of poor farmers. All Serene needs to try to is to run away to Krung Thep, by conning the poor farmers, however, he finally ends up changing into their helper.

KHALIDI NO a hundred and fifty picture show REVIEW: There was a time, from the late eighties to middle nineties to be specific, Chiranjeevi may entertain taking part in plain stupid. Like get all giggly and coy with the facet kick whereas discussing a way to chat-up the lady he digs. Or kiss his fingers in delight once touching patting her cheeks and blow air kisses. And once he’d hold his belt and doing those trademark tummy wriggles, the theatres would echo to loud roars of whistles. Can’t fault Chiru for not making an attempt although. He did all that in making an attempt to be the Megastar of the past. And more. however looking him hold his yellow piece of material — that is wrapped around a gaudy designer distressed denim — and go Ammudu let’s do Kummudu to a child like Kajal Aggarwal, one thing looks off. Way off. there have been whistles, yes, however, they appear to be coming back from motley bunch of pot-bellied-40-somethings, UN agency appears to reminiscing regarding the times of past times, that area unit gone.

It has to be same, Chiru doesn’t look each day older than he did in his last film, sitar player Dada back in 2007. nonetheless, one thing looks amiss. Even with the terpsichore once shimmying and shaking in contour kissing pencil match trousers, he still appearance swish, albeit in a very approach a sixty-year previous man would. Nothing just like the Megastar of past times. Guess within the decade that he’s been away, we’ve gotten too won’t to the gravity-defying dance moves of the likes of Allu Arjun, Ram Charan and NTR Jnr that became the benchmark. With the physical spectacle component gone off his terpsichore, the spring in steps is missing, the famous grace and poise nonetheless.

Khaidi No 150 Official Trailer

Unfortunately, for the whole half, Chiru keeps doing simply that for many the of half. maybe he’s been away too long. could also be he simply must eff long enough before we have a tendency to all get won’t to it once more. May be not. it’ll all depend upon however huge an admirer you’re of the Megastar and the way glad you’re to envision him onscreen once more.

Thankfully, within the half, that we have a tendency to get to envision flashes of the previous Chiru. Not thus amazingly, it happens in those episodes wherever the person is thrashing the dangerous guys to a pulp by the dozen. The evident decline in lightsomeness in physical movements nonetheless, Chiranjeevi appearance a lot of convincing within the action episodes. once delivering lines that hesitate the mistreatment dole out to the farmers, rattling out however the corporates area unit exploiting mother earth, he brings a compartment that produces the dialogues appear higher than they’re.

The story has it’s heart in the right place. Chiranjeevi will the necessary to play associate degree a son of the soil, UN agency is heading a motley bunch of previous men UN agency don’t wish to give up their land. Tarun, Anjala Zaveri’s husband plays the vicious company supervisor UN agency needs to line up a manufacturing plant on their farm lands, albeit to a small degree too underwhelmingly. The action and drama bits area unit alright, as area unit some bits of the comedy tracks that involve a barrage of funny men — Ali, Brahmanandam and Pisani. however, will it all move as a film? we have a tendency to aren’t positive. But yes, Chiranjeevi is back obviously, though we have a tendency to can’t quite say he’s back with a bang.

On the total, Khaidi No a hundred and fifty may be a typical mass mortal. The film is about to require record openings and has everything that we have a tendency to expect from a star hero like Chiranjeevi. He makes a thumping comeback and proves that even at this age he will offer each star hero a run their cash. If you ignore the foreseeable story line and uninteresting climax, Chiru’s one man show, excellent songs, and an honest message makes this film an honest watch this competition season.

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