Kulfi Full Movie Download
Kulfi Full Movie Download

Kulfi Full Movie Download

Movie Name : Kulfi

Director Name : Saravana Rajan

Writer Name : Saravana Rajan

Actor Names : Jai, Sunny Leone, Swati Reddy

Release Date : 07/14/2014

Moive Language : Telugu


Kulfi Full Movie Download, Telugu audience invariably encourage soundtrack films, and since of this, we tend to see one or the opposite soundtrack film emotional each week. on it’s ‘Kulfi’ that is that the Telugu version of the Tamil film, ‘Vadacurry’. ‘Journey’ fame Jai and Telugu woman Swathi square measure enjoying the lead roles. Directed by Hindu calendar month Rajan, this film conjointly stars screenland hot actor Sunny Sierra Leone monetary unit for a special song. Let’s see however this film is.


Harish (Jai) hails from a bourgeoisie family and works as a medical representative. He owns a previous sculptured mobile phone that works weirdly. owing to this, he faces several embarrassing moments daily. Kulfi Full Movie Download, His friends say him that ladies fall for expensive mobiles and that they pressurise him to vary the phone.

One fine day, he sees Associate in Nursing abandoned I phone at a store and unwillingly takes it. throughout now, he happens to satisfy Swathi (Swathi) and conjointly falls softly on together with her.

Harish’s brother, United Nations agency is Associate in Nursing honest motor vehicle driver asks him to come back the phone. once he decides to come back it he faces a heap of issues. What square measure those issues and the way did he take off forms the remainder of the story.

Plus Points:

Jai, United Nations agency created his debut in Telugu with ‘Journey’ is up with each film. He gave a matured performance and created complete justice to his role. He was spectacular in each comedy and emotional scenes. Kulfi Full Movie Download
Coming to Swathi, she appearance excellent during a woman adjoining role together with her cute and bubbly appearance. even supposing, she isn’t having a considerable role, she was spectacular.

Kulfi Official Trailer

Hero’s friend RJ Balaji performed well in his character. His comedy temporal order and one-liner provide enough relief to the audience. Embarrassing moments sweet-faced by hero within the starting of the moving-picture show square measure showcased nicely. conjointly within the half, the manner hero tackles his issues square measure picturized well. People also like Run telegu full movie.

Minus Points:

Biggest minus of the film is that there don’t seem to be several acknowledged Telugu actors aside from the hero and heroine. even supposing this film comes below a comedy heroic tale genre, there are not any attention-grabbing scenes which might build audience sit at the sting of their seats.

The first scene is slow with all regular scenes. A song spoils the fun within the half once film picks the pace. Most of the film is kind of inevitable.

The actor United Nations agency had essayed the villain’s character ought to have focused additionally on his expressions. screenland young woman Sunny Sierra Leone monetary unit fans United Nations agency come back to envision her daring moves can certainly get unsuccessful as her song has nothing a lot of in it. people also like Appatlo Okadundevadu telegu full movie.

Technical Aspects:

Film’s motion-picture photography is simply regarding OK. Visually, there are not any extraordinary scenes within the film. Music is simply average then is that the background score.

Coming to redaction, the editor ought to have focused additionally on the primary and last half-hour of the half. Director Hindu calendar month Rajan, has created a decent try with a decent story line, even supposing this can be his 1st film. Kulfi Full Movie Download, He wrote a decent playscript however he couldn’t gift it apparently on the screen.


‘Kulfi’ showcases the issues we tend to face once we want things that square measure on the far side our reach. ejection some comedy, and few scenes within the half, the remainder of the film is kind of traditional and regular and makes it simply a tedious watch.

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