KUNG FU YOGA Full Movie Download
KUNG FU YOGA Full Movie Download

KUNG FU YOGA Full Movie Download

Movie Name : KUNG FU YOGA

Director Name : Stanley Tong

Writer Name : Stanley Tong

Actor Names : Jackie Chan, Disha Patani, Amyra Dastur

Release Date : 01/28/2017

Moive Language : Chinese


At one purpose, Sonu Sood’s Randall is pissed off and says through his gritted teeth, “Don’t bore me…” as Chan’s character blabbers concerning morality. the road in itself may be a short, crisp review of the moving picture.

But if one should dive into details, Kung Fu Yoga is concerning Jack, one in every of China’s leading archeologists, United Nations agency is noncommissioned by associate Indian anthropologist, Ashmita (Disha Patani), for locating a lost treasure that belonged to her ancestors. He involves Asian country along side his assistants Zhu (Yixing Zhang) and Nuomin(Miya Muqi) to unearth the mystery. however the treasure has another contestant in Randall (Sonu Sood), United Nations agency is provided with a dozen kurta-clad white men, computer-animated menagerie animals, sleek cars and a healthy dose of inherent greed.

The moving picture begins thus dead that you simply desire you’ve started observance episode no. 3 of a show by mistake. Director Stanley Tong unloads a large amount of knowledge on you within the 1st 10 minutes, going away you half-confused and already half-disinterested.

There’s some elementary-level Kung Fu and fully no yoga (but however else would Asian country be described within the title?); a people soundtrack makes for awkward viewing and lots of lines appear to be lost in translation; there’s altogether an excessive amount of CGI work and to prime it all, the moving picture sticks to a Western read of Asian country (Elephants! Princesses clad in jewels! Temples! Snake Charmers!). It conjointly contains a robust Raiders Of The Lost Ark-meets-Temple Of Doom ambiance.

Kung Fu Yoga Movie Official Trailer

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