Laddu Babu Full Movie Download In High Quality
Laddu Babu Full Movie Download In High Quality

Laddu Babu Full Movie Download In High Quality

Movie Name : Laddu Babu

Director Name : Ravi Babu

Writer Name : Ravi Babu

Actor Names : Allari Naresh, Bhoomika Chawla, Poorna, Srinivasa Rao Kota

Release Date : 04/18/2014

Moive Language : Telugu


Allari Naresh and Ravi baboo have teamed up for the comedy film, ‘Laddu Babu’. Laddu Babu Full Movie Download In High Quality The film has been made by Tripuraneni Rajendra and Chakri has composed the music. will Naresh and Ravi baboo recreate the magic of ‘Allari’? allow us to check up on the review and conclude.

Story :

Laddu baboo (Naresh) may be a terribly weighty guy UN agency lives together with his father Kishtaiah (Kota Sreenivasa Rao). he’s usually the target of the many jokes and satires attributable to his weighty avatar and he taciturnly bears all. Laddu Babu Full Movie Download In High Quality Kishtaiah has Associate in Nursing ancestral property that may solely be sold once Laddu baboo gets married.

Kishtaiah tries his best to induce Laddu baboo married, however, he’s not winning. Meanwhile, Laddu baboo befriends a child named Murthy. He becomes smart friends with Murthy and his mother ( Bhoomika). He conjointly falls taken with a woman named Maya ( Poorna ).

Laddu Babu Official Trailer

Laddu baboo realises that Maya isn’t curious about him and he’s heartsick. He urgently tries to chop down his size and for that, he’s willing to try and do something. Why will a child named Murthy get near Laddu baboo? What will Laddu Babu do, to cut back his size?
That is the story of this pic. You can also download Yeto Vellipoyindhi Manasu telegu full movie.

Plus Points:

Allari Naresh has tried his best to hold the film on his shoulders. He has done well because of the weighty guy. Poorna is simply concerning ok within the role of Maya. Bhoomika has performed brightly and he or she is one among the assets for the film. She appearance smart within the role of one mother.
Venu Madhav’s deleted scene ought to are within the film. it absolutely was vied throughout the top credits, however, it’s simply the simplest a part of the pic.Laddu Babu Full Movie Download In High Quality a couple of sentimental scenes within the climax square measure smart. Kota Srinivasa Rao is ok as Naresh’ s father.

Minus Points:

This is a really foolish and illogical pic. there’s fully no conviction within the plot and their square measure several unexplained gaps. within the initial stages, the explanation for Naresh’s avoirdupois is given as a bite from a rare mosquito!

After a weight loss operation, the doctor says that Naresh contains a rare disorder wherever his blood cells react to fat in a during the exceedingly in a terribly very aggressive means. What happened to the mosquito? can any low child select a terribly a really the awfully to weighty guy like Laddu baboo as a husband for his single however very lovely mother? There square measure several such illogical scenes within the pic.


There is fully no recreation within the film. Allari Naresh’s fans are painfully unsuccessful as there’s no light-weight hearted comedy that’s found in Naresh’s films.
The film is overly long Associate in Nursingd 0.5 an hour may are sliced far from the pic simply. You can also download Jil telegu full movie.

Technical Aspects:

The cinematography is ok. Chakri’s songs don’t facilitate the film by any means and background music is additionally terribly average. Dialogues don’t have the specified punch.
Ravi Babu’s direction may be a huge disappointment. The film doesn’t have the high technical values that square measure typically found in Ravi Babu’s films.

Verdict :

Laddu baboo may be an unsatisfying film that may not work on the Box workplace. individuals expect light-weight hearted comedy and quick-paced storytelling in Allari Naresh’s films and these items can’t be found here. The unsatisfying storyline and illogical playscript spoil the expertise additional. So Laddu Babu Full Movie Download In High Quality at right now.

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