Love and War  Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download
Love and War Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download

Love and War Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download

Movie Name : Love and War

Director Name : Praveen Sattaru

Writer Name : Praveen Sattaru

Actor Names : Sundeep Kishan,Regina Cassandra

Release Date : 11/23/2012

Moive Language : Hindi


Pravin Sattaru, World Health Organization had created a buzz together with his last film LBW, is currently back with a Routine story. prima Sundeep Kishan and the provincial capital, this moving picture may be a straightforward story supported today’s youth. allow us to see however it fares.

Story :

Love and War  Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download Sanju (Sundeep Kishan), may be a happy go lucky 1st year engineering student World Health Organization falls head over heels for his class fellow Tanvi (Regina). They become smart friends and pay some happy days along. once a moment, Sanju decides to require his relationship to future level and he proposes to Tanvi. A confused Tanvi asks Sanju to relinquish her a while in order that they will get to grasp one another well. like any future relationship, the couple presently gets to grasp each the positives also as negatives in one another. the remainder of the story is concerning whether or not Sanju and Tanvi arrange to prolong along in life.

Neethone Unna Song

Plus Points:

The moving picture features a contemporary feel that may certainly be likable by the younger generation. Sundeep Kishan and Regina’s chemistry is nice and that they look beautiful on screen.Love and War  Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download They compliment one another well.Sundeep Kishan, World Health Organization affected everybody in ‘Prasthanam’, will well during this film too. He appearance good and is especially smart within the confrontation scenes with provincial capital.Regina appearance attractive and one will say she is one role player World Health Organization has each the appearance also because the talent to travel an extended method within the business.The small fights, honeyed words and numerous aspects of a few enamored are captured well.

Love and War Hindi Dubbed High Quality Full Movie DownloadPerformances:

Sundeep Kishan has shown his skillfulness as associate degree actor and he has fitted into the role well. This was additional of a performance driven role with none dance or fight and he did that nicely.Regina prophetess is one lady to observe out for. she is going to strike it massive if she plans her future moves rigorously. She is nice, sexy, naughty and really natural together with her performance. Sundeep’s friends like Snigdha and also the alternative 2 lads did their bit pro re nata. Vennela Kishore was uproarious. Chandramohan, Kavitha, Rallapalli, Hema, M S Narayana were the senior actors  contributed effectively. Jhansi and Sanjay Reddy were fascinating. One ought to watch the ‘Upadesam’ from Sanjay to Sundeep. The actor World Health Organization did the role of ‘Thulasi’ was wonderful. Tagubothu Ramesh was effective.

Routine Love Story Movie Theatrical Trailer

Minus Points :

The picture might are plenty higher if some ‘comedy’ bits were neglected. Tagubothu Ramesh’s track and also the whole M S Narayana’s forest episode might are completely avoided. One gets the sensation that Praveen Sattaru forcefully injected some comedy sequences within the picture for the sake of getting some ‘commercial elements’. Sadly, it doesn’t work.The feeling within the romantic track is non existent at some places. Quarrels and patch ups happen quite quick and a few of them aren’t terribly convincing. Jhansi, Hema, Ralla Palli and a few different Love and War  Hindi Dubbed full movie MP4 download characters don’t have a lot of to try to to within the film,Love and War  Hindi Dubbed HD quality Full Movie Free Download . The climax is additionally unconventional and should not attractiveness to everybody.The pace of the film is slightly slow from time to time.

Technical Aspects :Love and War Hindi Dubbed full movie

Songs by Paddy ar smart in RLS. ‘Teliyade’ and ‘Na Manasu’ ar smart and have additionally been shot well.Dialogues ar modern and ar natural. Love and War  Hindi Dubbed Full Movie High Quality Download special effects is good and captures the gorgeous locales of Ladakh well.Praveen Sattaru mostly succeeds as a director despite the easy story line. redaction is good.You have to like this movie  Oyee full movie in hd Hinde Download

Verdict :

Routine story may be a film that has its share of highs and lows. Fresh feel, smart chemistry between the lead try and a few nice conversations ar and points. On the flip facet, spare and unhealthy comedy tracks and irrelevant characters spoil the expertise. Overall,Love and War  Hindi Dubbed High Quality Full Movie Download may be a good someone which will attractiveness to kids as a  time watch.

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