Mirza Juuliet Full Movie Download
Mirza Juuliet Full Movie Download

Mirza Juuliet Full Movie Download

Movie Name : Mirza Juuliet

Director Name : Rajesh Ram Singh

Writer Name : Shanti Bhushan

Actor Names : Darshan Kumar, Piaa Bajpai, Priyanshu Chatterjee

Release Date : 04/07/2017

Moive Language : Hindi


Legendary people tales have forever impressed lovers everywhere the world.Mirza Juuliet Full Movie Download. that is the reason we have a tendency to keep witnessing minimum one such film in a very year. Last year we have a tendency to had ‘Mirza’, that was impressed from Mirza – Sahiban romance. The show did not do wonders and for all the fans of Mirza – Sahiban, we’ve got an added film supported them within the variety of ‘Mirza Juliet’.

Mirza Juuliet Full Movie Download
This show could be a modern-day adaptation of the classic love tale with daring content connected to that. The trailers look promising, however lack of massive stars makes the show look boring and might work solely owing to the great mouth substance.

‘Mirza Juliet’, could be a story of Mirza (Darshan Kumar), UN agency returns back to his uncle’s house when finishing his punishments for the crime he had committed as a toddler. He meets his childhood friend Jullie Shukla (Piaa Bajpai) and starts developing a robust bond together with her. Maatr Full Movie HD Download, Jullie on the opposite finish is engaged to Rajan Pandey (Chandan Roy Sanyal), UN agency could be a sex maniac and son of a high politician Pandey PandeyJi (Swanand Kirkire). Mirza and Jullie’s bonding continue to grow resulting in one thing sudden.

The last half is fascinating and has one thing distinctive connected to that. This area unit some attention-grabbing scenes associated with Piaa and Darshan alongside the finale fight.Mirza Juuliet Full Movie Download,

Mirza Juuliet Full Movie DownloadDirector Rajesh Ram Singh comes up with AN uncommon attack Mirza-Sahiban, however, has his story structured quite just like ‘Mirza’. Priyanshu Chatterjee and Swanand Kirkire area unit fine in their elements.

The playscript despite being foretold and made was absorbing. The flick ne’er bores you despite its stale content. The picture taking is a prime notch and keeps the flick look trendy.

The treatment is nearly almost like recently free film ‘Mirzya’, apart from its backcloth and made the track of sex within the flick.Mirza Juuliet Full Movie Download, the primary 0.5 takes a heap of your time to calm down and it’s sole once the last half the flick gains some momentum. Zubaan Full Movie HD Download, The writers have forced the sex track within the flick once that all we have a tendency to square measure forced to check may be a series of prolix dialogues with ethical messages.

The whole pervert track of Chandan Roy Sanyal is dangerous followed by phone sex, casual sex, and premarital rape. These tracks attempt to create the flick completely different from its usual drama, however, fails to travel with the flow of the film. of these scenes looked forced and unwanted. it’s just like the writers needed to titillate the audience by these tracks, that eventually ruins the flow of the film.Mirza Juuliet Full Movie Download,

Mirza Juuliet Full Movie HD Official Trailer

Right from better half beating, forced sex, rape and homicide, the writers have tried to justify of these inhuman acts through its protagonists. The finale is illogical as it’s set in the Kingdom of Nepal, wherever our lead characters roll around with guns and ammunition a bit like they’re strolling in their grounds. The music needs to be a key component in such movies.

,Sadly, apart from ‘Tukda Tukda’ there’s not even one song which may be termed as unforgettable.The unusual issue ought to are properly employed in the film and not simply to titillate the audience. The flick fails to attach to the love issue and glorifies crime against ladies.

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