Mona Darling High Quality Full Movie Download
Mona Darling Full Movie Download

Mona Darling High Quality Full Movie Download

Movie Name : Mona Darling

Director Name : Shashi Sudigala

Writer Name : Shashi Sudigala

Actor Names : Anshuman Jha, Divya Menon, Suzanna Mukherjee

Release Date : 02/24/2017

Moive Language : Hindi


Mona Darling Full Movie Fully High Quality Free Download. Horror is one such genre that has been troubled exhausting to search out its right base in our Hindi films. Right since the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s era of trashy costume primarily based horror films to the good ones within the millennium era, this genre has cosmopolitan lots.

The filmmakers are attempting to create one thing totally different and ‘Mona Darling’ appears to be one among those differing kinds of horror films because it claims to be conjointly a social media adventure story. The promoting strategy has been sensible associated with this film, however lack of star worth has managed to make terribly low expectations from the film.

Mona Darling‘ starts with unnatural deaths of few kids in a very faculty field. At constant time Anglesey Raheja (Suzanna Mukherjee) is missing from the faculty field and her supporter married woman (Divya Menon) gets wanting to realize her. Mona Darling Full Movie HD Download. married woman seeks facilitate from a fellow student Wiki (Anshuman Jha), United Nations agency is thought for his fine laptop skills.

Mona Darling Low Quality Full Movie Download

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Together, Sarah and Wiki notice a pattern between the field murders and missing of Mona. They conjointly notice a pretend Facebook profile of Mona, that keeps causing friend request to everybody on the field. Mona Darling Full Movie Download. The dots begins connecting as Wiki and Sarah start change of integrity everything happening around them, resulting in Associate in Nursing surprising truth.

The story on paper is extremely attention-grabbing and one thing completely different than what we’ve got seen during this genre. Mona Darling Full Movie. The picture show conjointly starts on the proper note, that helps to line the proper base.

A better script would have undoubtedly done correct justice to the attention-grabbing story plan of the film.The picture taking is okay and therefore the manufacturers have chosen to play with the low lighting matching up with the mood of the film.

Director Shashi Sudigala comes up with a noteworthy conception. Suzanna Mukherjee is sweet in her half.

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