Nenu Sailaja Full Movie Download
Nenu Sailaja Full Movie Download

Nenu Sailaja Full Movie Download

Movie Name : Nenu Sailaja

Director Name : Thirumala Kishore

Writer Name : Thirumala Kishore

Actor Names : Ram Pothineni, Rohini, Sathyaraj, Satyaraj, Vijayakumar

Release Date : 01/01/2016

Moive Language : Hindi


SYNOPSIS: Nenu Sailaja Full Movie Download.Sailaja (Keerthi Suresh) and Hari (Ram) ar destined to fall taken with. however, Sailaja does not savvy to specific which results in hassle.

MOVIE REVIEW: If one lists out milestones in Ram’s career, Nenu. Sailaja… will certainly build it into a very important spot as a result of this film saw him offer his career best in terms of the nuanced performance that is extremely not like Ram, a minimum of from what we’ve seen within the recent few years. he is a whole industrial hero – lover boy with an enthralling fast wit and a capability to pack a punch – and nonetheless, manages to bring out simplicity with the most result.

While the actor has confessedly worked exhausting on transferral that aspect of him, the credit would majorly move to director Kishore Tirumala WHO not solely unreal him during this character however additionally managed to draw the simplest from him. The ‘energy’ that’s thus usually labelled to Ram appears to own been channelled into a much better direction and well, it works wonders.

Nenu Sailaja… maybe a slice of life romance with several coincidences that ar doable solely within the world of films. It appears Hari (Ram) and Sailaja (Keerthy Suresh) ar destined to finish up along as a result of once separating in childhood, they meet once more beneath strange circumstances and grow keen on one another. Everything goes swimmingly till Sailaja says this: ‘I love you, however, i’m not taken with with you’.

This film, however, is not just a romance and has layers, one among them being the relationships between Sailaja Associate in Nursingd her father Srinu (Sathyaraj) that appears strained at the point, however, has an underlying feeling. And it’s here that the director quite falters as a result of he’s attempting to inform you such a big amount of things. He desires to require you into Hari’s life then desires to elucidate why Sailaja includes an amendment of mind suddenly and why there is a strain together with her father. whereas every story is fascinating on its own, the half sees a slow in pace owing to an excessive amount of complication.

Nenu Sailaja Official Trailer

But that apart, there are two ways to tell a story. One, begin the story at a point and at an important juncture, just go to a flashback. And that formula has been literally used to death! And the other form of storytelling is starting the tale from where it actually began and giving the audiences a chance to guess when the truth will come out. This film falls into the latter category since the viewers expected the childhood friends to fall in love anyway. And it is interesting for moviegoers to experience their excitement as they know what we already knew. Complicated it might sound! But well, the director takes you down that lane with ease. He sprinkles casual humour, uses some riveting background score and makes use of amazing locales to enhance what he has.

While Keerthy Suresh seems out of place in some sequences, you see her easily flowing into the emotional category with extreme ease. Her confrontation with her Sathyaraj (why he is called a seasoned actor is evident from this film and especially this scene) who plays her father is a highlight.

Nenu.. Sailaja… doesn’t really offer anything new. But it comes across as a culmination of some very well shot sequences, commendable performances and real world simplicity. We don’t really see much of such subtly told stories on celluloid today, so you might as well give it a try!
On the whole, Nenu Shailaja is an easy nonetheless lovely love story with the right combine of family emotions. excellent half, Ram’s balanced performance and a clean narration ar large assets for the film. If you ignore the routine nature of the script throughout the half, you’ll be able to mirthfully watch this feel smart film together with your entire family and begin the year on a positive note.

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