Nikka Zaildar Full Movie HD Download
Nikka Zaildar 2016 picture show Free transfer 720p BluRay A young fellow comes up with a thought to wed a hesitant kindred understudy, Nikka Zaildar Full Movie Download,

Nikka Zaildar Full Movie HD Download

Movie Name : Nikka Zaildar

Director Name : Simerjit Singh

Writer Name : Jagdeep Sidhu

Actor Names : Karamjit Anmol, Sonam Bajwa, Parminder Gill

Release Date : 09/30/2016

Moive Language : Panjabi


Nikka Zaildar 2016 picture show Free transfer 720p BluRay A young fellow comes up with a thought to wed a hesitant kindred understudy, Nikka Zaildar Full Movie Download,however, finds the endeavor additional hard than it initial appeared.Nikka Zaildar could be a 2016 Punjabi film coordinated by Simerjit Singh, composed by Jagdeep Sidhu and that includes Ammy Virk and Sonam Bajwa because the basic forged and was discharged worldwide on thirty Sept 2016. it’s a Romantic, Drama film wherever a city living child, Nikka (Ammy Virk) UN agency worries in Patiala college, all of an unexpected begins to appear all star like sharp-eyed at Manraj (Sonam Bajwa).The Punjabi movie industry has propelled yet one more blithe comedy Nikka Zaildar with a substantial live of fan base sitting tight for the discharge.

Nikka Zaildar Full Movie Download

The abundant talked concerning Punjabi non-standard speech film gathered nice survey amid the dispatch of its trailer after seeing a viewership of an outsized portion of a 100000 with the overwhelming majority of them positive ones. The lead entertainer Ammy Virk could be a prestigious star whereby lead on-screen character Sonam Bajwa is outstanding for her nice work. on these lines, with such pleasant plot and smart entertainer we should always investigate ‘Nikka Zaildar’ picture audit, rating, forged and cluster, the gathering of individuals response, add up to movie industry accumulation et cetera.

Nikka Zaildar narrates the story of Nikka (Ammy Virk) and Manraaj (Sonam Bajwa) with a combination of some confusions, laughter, romance. Nikka could be a young man learning in faculty wherever he falls crazy with Manraaj. At first, Manraaj refuses to even check with Nikka. Slowly, she additionally falls for him. however, currently, there’s a scenario wherever the wedding between the two isn’t doable. Nikka is helped by a pair off of his friends: Bhola & Gapp. what’s Shanti doing within the plot? United Nations agency is Shanti? Why is Nikka’s Dadi against his wedding at first? Watch Nikka Zaildar for all the answers.Jindua Full Movie High Quality Download,

Nikka Zaildar is Simerjit Singh’s next giving once the super success of Andrej. Nikka Zaildar is incredibly completely different in several aspects from Andrej. it absolutely was a masterpiece that can not be created once more. However, currently allow us to analyze that whether Nikka Zaildar lived up to the publicity it created or not.Nikka Zaildar Full Movie Download,

Nikka Zaildar Full Movie Download

Writer Jagdeep Sidhu, United Nations agency earlier wrote Pankaj Batra’s Dildariyaan currently offers United States of America one more film with somewhat similar setting: faculty Romance, Village lady, Families air against, etc. however now what he’s done right is that his story has created some sense that was missing the last time around. The playscript is nice to average. It’s smart in elements however {the smart|the great|the nice} issue is that good moment outshine the common ones. Dialogues were quite funny. Compliments to the author for the dialogues.

Director Simerjit Singh is back once more when a niche of two years. Simerjit has done smart to an average job once it involves direction. What I felt throughout the film was that this man is creating a technically motion-picture film however the soul is somewhere missing. however, fortunately, the punches and therefore the comedy saved the grace. Had he place a lot of effort within the film, the film would are manner higher.Sarvann Full Movie Download,

Ammy Virk sees his third unleash of the year in but two hundred days. He’s done a decent job once more, however, he’s obtaining repetitive here with similar characters (more or less). Sonam Bajwa was alright. She’s lovely and that we all agree thereon, however, I expect a lot of from her in terms of her acting skills. Nirmal Rishi was the center of the film here. A stellar performance from her over again as Zaildar.Nikka Zaildar Full Movie Download,

Nikka Zaildar Official Trailer

Karamjit Anmol & Binder Bunny were funny. Harby Sangha was beneath utilized. Kishore Sharma was spot on. the remainder of the solid enclosed several acquainted faces that we tend to get to check in several Punjabi films portraying: Taraji, Chachaji, Masi di, Mummy Ji, Daddy Ji. They were alright as was common.

Music of the film was smart. mini Cooper may be a Blockbuster. Ash is alright. Happy Raikou’s Boland Di Lod Nahi was smart furthermore. The film has been shot at some superb locations in geographic area & geographical area.Nikka Zaildar Full Movie Download,

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