Pittagoda Full Movie Download In HD
Pittagoda Full Movie Download In HD

Pittagoda Full Movie Download In HD

Movie Name : Pittagoda

Director Name : Anudeep KV

Writer Name : Anudeep KV

Actor Names : Vishwadev Rachakonda, Punarnavi Bhupalam

Release Date : 12/24/2016

Moive Language : Telugu


Pittagoda is one film that has been creating a decent get late. Pittagoda Full Movie Download In HD, With Suresh Productions backing this film, things became quite fascinating for this village romance that has discharged these days. Let’s see however the film seems to be.


The film relies on the lives of 4 shut friends UN agency board the tiny city of Godavari Khani, Telangana. Not serious regarding their lives, this cluster decides to somehow create it massively and conceive to organise a cricket tournament in their space.

Things appear to travel as planned till Tippu(Vishwadev), one among the chums falls smitten with Divya(Punarnavi) and halts the cricket tournament all of a sudden. This creates vast variations between the shut friends and even lands all of them in jail. You can Pittagoda Full Movie Download In HD

Why did Tippu do all this? however, do the shut friends get reunited? and What happens to Tippu’s love story? That forms the remainder of the story.

Plus Points:

What clicks with Pittagoda square measure the realistic emotions of the upper-middle-class individuals. Right from the came upon of the tiny city to the actors chosen, everything appearance smart and likely. Pittagoda Full Movie Download In HD The fun generated between the chums, their father’s scolding them daily and therefore the silly things {they do|they square measure doing} in life are thus natural and dead fantastically.

Pittagoda Official Trailer

Heroine Punarnavi makes an awfully smart impact because of the actress. She appearance pretty and conjointly portrays her role quite sincerely. Vishwadev conjointly makes an honest debut because of the hero. The chemistry that’s generated with tiny time romantic parts is sort of smart.

The first 1/2 the film is sort of amusing and halts with a decent bang throughout the interval. Also, the director makes positive that there not a lot of comedy and unnecessary scenes until the last quarter-hour. Jabardasth Ramu and his friends do their roles beautifully.

Minus Points:

The free-flowing film with some excellent proceedings falls flat throughout the last quarter-hour and disturbs the flow of the film fully. For no reason, the director narrates things in an exceedingly hurry and wraps the film in no time. People alos like Run Raja Run Telegu full movie.
The most necessary issue of friendly relationship is forgotten during this chaos. There ought to are a minimum of a scene to showcase that the chums square measure back along. several alternative scenes like this that include the villain and alternative twists square measure simply rush and queer the audience.

Technical Aspects:

Production values of the film square measure very good. the manufacturers ought to be attributable for giving the film an awfully smart look and feel. Music by Kamalakar is neat and his background score is extremely smart. The playscript of the film is sort of spectacular aside from the climax wherever major scenes go haywire. the reduction is extremely smart because the runtime of the film is sort of short.

Coming to the director Anudeep, he makes an awfully good debut. He chooses a little time romance and places it nicely between some terribly realistic characters. Pittagoda Full Movie Download In HD, His strength lies within the manner things square measure narrated with no unnecessary comedy. Had he taken additional care of the climax, things would are very good for this film. People also like Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu Telegu full movie.


On the complete, Pittagoda is little city romance that has its heart in the right place. easy setting, good comedy, and chic romance square measure vast assets. If you’re quite okay with the predictable nature and don’t mind the routine and rush up endings, this film with some realistic and feel smart emotions lands up as an honest watch this weekend.

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