Pokkiri Raja Full Movie Download In High Quality
Pokkiri Raja Full Movie Download In High Quality

Pokkiri Raja Full Movie Download In High Quality

Movie Name : Pokkiri Raja

Director Name : Ramprakash Rayappa

Writer Name : Gnanagiri (dialogue), Ramprakash Rayappa

Actor Names : Hansika Motwani, Jiiva, Ramdoss, Sibiraj

Release Date : 04/04/2016

Moive Language : Tamil


Storyline: A person fights his individual with the foremost dangerous weapon at his disposal: his yawn.Pokkiri Raja Full Movie Download.It takes a minute for you to know that Pokkiri Raja isn’t a significant film. it’s even reverential in parts: its villain has no issues smoking in a very temple, its hero and heroine area unit in a very gag that parodies divine possession… you get the thought. It all begins predictably although, once it sets regarding establishing its 3 main prototypal masala-movie characters: Sanjeevi (Jiiva), a hero WHO can’t hold employment for too long; Sunitha (Hansika), associate effervescent heroine WHO takes up a social campaign against public urination; and Guna (Sibiraj), a painfully one-note gangster-villain, WHO informs terribly early that “ Nyaayam dharma parka naan hero illa; naan villain.” Pokkiri Raja Full Movie Download, it’s solely shortly that you just realise that Pokkiri Raja may be a surreal comedy inefficaciously shoehorned into a masala templet. You can also download Laddu Babu telegu full movie.

You see, Sanjeevi keeps obtaining the notice on account of his serial yawning. You’re shown that his yawns have the ability to place entire offices to sleep, and later once they area unit is shown gaining in strength, area unit able to wipe out building tables and even shatter people’s cooling glasses. however there’s no time during which to take advantage of the weirdness of this all for humour—not for too long anyway—as the film additionally should do justice to Hansika’s casting by showing you random duets (one song goes, ‘ Bubbly baby heritable than di’, I believe in lyric to the representative Tamil heroine), and Sibi’s casting by showing you Guna’s extraordinarily humorless antics along with his side-kicks. A braver film would have trusty the strangeness of its universe additional. Pokkiri Raja Full Movie Download, in this sense, Pokkiri Raja is as wildly inconsistent because of the strength of its protagonist’s yawns, that is usually powerful enough to push associate overweight lady (elephant trumpeting for background music) off her chair, however typically, solely robust enough to elevate a nurse’s skirt.

Pokkiri Raja Official Trailer

More hateful than those unhealthy jokes area unit the slo-mo entry and exit scenes for Sibiraj throughout the film. It’s ne’er clear if director Ramprakash Rayappa goes for a threatening villain or a funny villain, for Guna is neither. You can als0  download Yeto Vellipoyindhi Manasu telegu full movie.

Every time he’s happy, he breaks into an outer jig, that ends with him shaking his posterior at the camera. I actually uncomprehensible someone like Goundamani anytime Guna did this ridiculous dance. The scene gets absolutely found out for him to look out of nothing and lend a well-aimed kick at the ridiculous villain’s bottom.

Almost all of Guna’s gags area unit uncreative at the best, and unhumorous at the worst. once he quickly loses his sight, his henchmen treat him with irreverence. This includes one amongst them shaking his, again, posterior at Guna’s face. in a very higher film, we tend to may have analysed what this continual dirty money shakes represent. is that the director being cheeky? Is he shaking standing quo? There’s a Raja Chinna Roja-like twist to the present entire set-up once Guna, even when obtaining his sight back, pretends he’s blind. I would like I may say that it ends up in abundant mirth.

There area unit one or 2 laugh-out-loud moments, however, a premise like this could provide such a lot additional. Pokkiri Raja Full Movie Download, as an example, Sanjeevi, once confronted by the uncomfortable truth that his yawns area unit gaining in strength, is forced to arrange his life around his yawns. Why not hesitate this? Why not produce additional gags around however his lifestyle is affected? Why even hassle to justify the origins of his ‘superpower’ with a completely dispensable associated mated flashback sequence? What’s the purpose of thinking up an unconventional protagonist, if you can’t dare to use him in an associate unconventional template?

As you’ll imagine, there’s an entire heap of yawning in Pokkiri Raja, and due to however contagious they’re, you ought to expect to yawn lots. however sadly, that’s not the sole reason you’ll be yawning.

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