Premalayam Full Movie HD Download
Premalayam Full Movie Download

Premalayam Full Movie HD Download

Movie Name : Premalayam

Director Name : Vasanthabalan

Writer Name : Jayamohan, Vasanthabalan

Actor Names : Prithviraj Sukumaran, Siddharth, Vedika

Release Date : 05/30/2016

Moive Language : Hindi


Thavathiru Sivadas Swamigal (Nassar) runs a drama organization during which Thalaivankottai Kaliappa Bhagavathar (Siddharth) ,Premalayam Full Movie Download,and Melachivilberi Gomathi Nayagam Pillai(Prithviraj) air his direct disciples. Gomathi is left by his father within the organization of Hindu. Kali is found by Hindu throughout a train trip wherever the boy is singing and solicitation charity. affected by his singing skills, Hindu takes the boy with him. Gomathi and Kaliappa have the relationship like brothers. They develop along and stage several plays wherever Gomathi typically plays “Stripers” – the feminine role and Kali plays “depart”- supporting characters. whereas Vadivambal (Vedhicka) joins because of the feminine member within the cluster, shortly falls enamored with Kali, whereas Gomathi falls for Vadivu, however, Kali loves Rangamma (Anaika Soti), the patrician of the Zameen. Bhairava (Ponvannan) United Nations agency may be another student of Hindu is an in style “Rajapart” – acting main title characters of a stage play.

Premalayam Full Movie Download

He becomes willful over his acting capabilities and doesn’t attend the rehearsals that he gets scoldings from Hindu. when a quarrel, he leaves the organization as he couldn’t bear the torture of Hindu. Hindu doesn’t quit associated conducts an audition for the most character role of Soorapadman during which Kali and Gomathi perform. Kali gets chosen, that leaves Gomathi angry. the rationale behind Swami’s bias towards Kali is rarely answered clearly to Gomathi that leaves him a lot of annoyed.

After following Kali on the Q.T., Gomathi informs to Hindoo regarding Kali’s like to take revenge on him. Hindoo scolds Kali and curses him that he can newer play any characters in a stage. however, Kali needs Hindoo to pardon him and keep him with the organization as a servant. Hindoo agrees and asks him to forget the patrician if he needs to continue within the organization. Kali guarantees, however, Hindoo agrees to stay him with the organization sort of a servant, however, doesn’t take back the curse. the subsequent day, the whole organization leave the village and head to a different place. Kali cannot forget Rangamma and he or she is additionally shown to be looking out Kali and one night, a man from the village involves Kali to tell that Rangamma has committed suicide because of the forcing of her oldsters to urge married.16 – Every Detail Counts Full Movie Download, the person additionally says that she was pregnant once she died. Kali absolutely drunk involves the organization and curses Hindoo that he’s the explanation for Rangamma’s and his unborn child’s death. Hindoo gets sick suddenly and dies. however, before dying, he blesses Kali UN agency pardons to forgive him that drives Gomathi in additional anger and jealousy. once Swami’s death, Gomathi takes charge of the organization and he needs Kali to be out of it. Kali fights with Gomathi and leaves.Premalayam Full Movie Download,

Premalayam Full Movie Download

It is shown that the organization travels to Ceylon, Malaysia, Singapore in 5 years time and becomes standard. Now, Gomathi may be a noted “Rajapart” as he wanted to be and Vadivu is thought to be the noted “Ganakokilam” Vadivambal. They come to Madurai and be a part of hands with a noted stage play producer (Mansoor Ali Khan) United Nations agency produces the plays. once they have gotten able to stage the play “Karnamotcham”, Gomathi falls severely unwell. He asks the folks from his organization to travel in search of different drama actors to perform his role. a person goes and brings Kali United Nations agency may be an imbiber currently. Feeling delighted to ascertain his organization members, he agrees to play the role of “Karen” tho’ he’s given the role of “Arjuna” by Gomathi United Nations agency says that it’s been lang syne they performed along. Gomathi performed well, however, surpassed by Kali as he sings a song and drives the eye of an audience to himself, Gomathi still feels unwell and will not perform in any plays meantime Kali fills the gap and earns the smart name as “Rajapart” that makes Gomathi even a lot of jealous. He is aware of the interest of Kali towards freedom movement stage plays and arranges an individual to urge Kali inactive for acting in plays that are against a people. Gomathi visits him in jail on a pretext of taking him in bail.Katamarayudu Full Movie HD Download,

Inside the jail, Kali meets people concerned in the freedom movement and inspired by them he agrees to try and do stage plays on its topic. As Gomathi fall smitten with Vadivu and pesters her to marry him. Meanwhile, her mamma makes arrangements to create her the mistress of a Jamin king. Distressed Vadivu leaves the organization and waits for a decision from Kali to hitch his “Bharatha Gana Sabha” that|during which|within which} he stages plays supported freedom movement as a result of which he ofttimes goes to jail. Meanwhile, the audience becomes inquisitive about Kali’s plays than Gomathi’s epic plays. Vadivu gets a decision when most persuasion that she was waiting and joins there thirstily.Premalayam Full Movie Download,

Premalayam Official Trailer

She expresses her love and it’s recently accepted by Kali. Gomathi’s life changes and he turns from a chic man to poor. Kali is knowing concerning Gomathi’s state of affairs. Therefore, he approaches Gomathi and asks him to hitch his organization and offers him the “Rajapart” role with fondness that Gomathi agrees. They prepare to stage a play on Bhagat Singh that country announces shooting warrant. however, a brave Kali performs on stage and once the play ends police come and chaos starts. The organization individuals ask Gomathi, Kali and Vadivu to flee. Police follow them, Kali goes alone, Vadivu and Gomathi escape along within a forest. A gun sound is detected and Gomathi leaves back Vadivu to travel and see what it had been. He meets Kali UN agency is safe. Kali tells a thought to satisfy tomorrow morning. whereas he leaves, he’s shot by none apart from Gomathi.Premalayam Full Movie Download,


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