Remo Full Movie Download
Remo Full Movie Download

Remo Full Movie Download

Movie Name : Remo

Director Name : Bakkiyaraj Kannan

Writer Name : Bakkiyaraj Kannan

Actor Names : Aadukalam Naren, Arunraja Kamaraj, K. S. Ravikumar, Kalyani Natarajan, Keerthi Suresh, Rajendran, Saranya Ponvannan, Sathish, Sivakarthikeyan, Sri Divya, Yogi Babu

Release Date : 10/07/2016

Moive Language : Tamil


Remo Full Movie Download. Remo Full flick transfer. All’s truthful enamoured, even SK, the protagonist, UN agency during this gender-bender of a job masquerades as a girl to nurse his relationship with a stunning young doctor.

For a moment, Bakkiyaraj Kannan’s Remo feels like Tootsie. A nickel-and-dimed actor (SK, compete by Sivakarthikeyan) discovers that he features a shot at a region during a K.S. Ravikumar film, however, provided that he transforms himself into a feminine nurse. we have a tendency to expect the scene wherever SK frantically hunts for facilitating within the makeup department. What we have a tendency to get may be a foreign crew that materialises out of obscurity, offers SK his makeover, and leaves.

Who area unit these people? however, did they recognise SK required their services? Why am I asking these queries during a Sivakarthikeyan movie? Remo is a smaller amount regarding convincing North American country that a person will become a girl than reminding North American country Sivakarthikeyan has become a star. He doesn’t simply place himself up there with Rajinikanth, Ajith and Vijay. He puts himself up there with himself. He references Maan martial art, Edhir Neechal, Varuthapadatha Vaalibar Sangam. He’s each god and priest.

Remo isn’t the merchandise of a book most as a four-quadrant promoting exercise. There area unit several scenes with youngsters. They love him. Some years back, I used to be doing a story a few faculty for tribals within the Coimbatore space. once word got out that I used to be a movie author, the primary issue the children asked was whether or not I knew Sivakarthikeyan Pakistani monetary unit. Then we’ve his core audience of young men. The lines targeted at their whistles keep coming back. (“ Ponnungaloda full-time Verlaine pasan gala ha ve kara hu than.”

Remo Official Tamil Trailer

For family audiences, we have a tendency to get the scene wherever SK, because the nurse named Remo, is overcome by feeling once he witnesses giving birth. He then touches his mother’s feet. (Saranya Ponvannan, by now, will in all probability play these mothers while not even being told what her lines area unit.) There area unit scenes that focus on multiple audiences directly, just like the one wherever SK gets drunk (cue, young males) and his mother (cue, women) quotes the on-screen warning, “Liquor drinking is injurious to health.” The star has his cake, eats it, and keeps dipping into the mechanical system that runs from the store to the studio.

We’ve detected of scripts ending up within the Oscar library. Remo’s would possibly find you in AN IIM category. A scene set during a stylish café (The Brew Room) is counterpoised with a song within which SK dances with beggars and road-maintenance crews. A scene that includes AN acid-attack victim, portraying the horrors that ladies face from stalkers, is offset by the peace of mind that not all unloved men area unit unhealthy, that there’s somebody willing to marry this lady. A scene within which the heroine, a doctor named Kavya (Keerthi Suresh) calls SK “cheap,” for light her together with his disguise, is instantly remedied by SK’s shrug that boys like him need to resort to such suggests that to induce women like her to love them. Remo is what you’d have if Vikram’s multiple personalities in Anniyan became a flick.

If solely a fraction of those calculations had found their method into the script. The film goes on and on, and for one thing that’s being baked as a rom-com, there’s little-fixed storage or com. (The biggest laugh, for me, came once Yogi baboo was a Gautham Menon role player.) At one purpose, Remo and Kavya area unit driving point a scooter. The vehicle stalls. Remo says it’s run out of gasoline. Kavya isn’t daunted. “Night- u. Light- u. Road- u. Enakku rumba podium,” she chirps. I started to concern for her patients.

Now, I don’t expect a “mass” mortal to form a lot off-of the irony that what Remo decisioned|is named|is termed} at work (“sister”) is analogous to what young men concern the objects of their one-sided fondness can call them (“ anna”), or that a person speaks to Remo’s “breasts” the method several of our heroes objectify their heroines. however with such AN vastly likeable actor at its centre, however, will a movie be therefore charmless?

It’s not possible to form a flick targeting a young-male audience, and with Anirudh’s chart busting songs, and still return off like some effort has gone into it. we’ve Velai Illa Pattadhari as proof. Remo, on the opposite hand, is what happens once you place effort into each side of the film, however, the writing. laptop Sreeram handling the camera. Resul Pookutty doing sound style. It’s like hiring a hedge-fund manager to appear once your bank.

And what to form of the dreadfully miscalculated scene wherever SK, having determined he now not has to be Remo, burns AN simulacrum of the nurse? The “leave your brains at home” injunction whereas observance these movies is one issue. Utter thoughtlessness, quite another.

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