Rogue Full Movie High Quality Download
Rogue Full Movie Download

Rogue Full Movie High Quality Download

Movie Name : Rogue

Director Name : Puri Jagannadh

Writer Name : Puri Jagannadh

Actor Names : ali, Angela Krislinzki, Ishaan, Mannara Chopra, Subbaraju Santosh, Thakur Anoop Singh

Release Date : 03/31/2017

Moive Language : Telugu


Puri Jagan is troubled onerous to allow a decent hit below his belt. Losing no hope, he’s back with yet one more young person known as rapscallion. major Ishaan and Mannara Chopra, this film has hit the screens these days. Let’s see whether or not Puri gets his much-needed hit.

Chanti(Ishaan) could be a reckless youth UN agency hates girls as a result of his girlfriend(Anjela) cheats him success.Rogue Full Movie Download, Upset with this, he gets into a tussle with one amongst the cops and breaks his legs. Seeing the cop’s family state of affairs, he himself decides to assist the family that additionally consists of a stunning woman known as Anjali(Mannara Chopra).

Rogue Full Movie Download

When things appear to be going fine, a psycho(Anoop Singh) UN agency is on the run targets Anjali and starts following her. the remainder of the story is on however Chanti helps Anjali and falls taken with along with her throughout the course of your time.

Their area unit solely some assets for this film and one amongst them is that the woman Ishaan. The young hero appearance quite dashing and has tight screen presence. Right from his appearance to his performance, Puri has worked onerous on Ishaan and presents him in a {very} very fashionable nevertheless messy method. Thakur Anoop will his best in his negative role.Rogue Full Movie Download,

Surprisingly, Manara Chopra appearance excellent in comparison to her previous films. She too has been showcased in a tight manner and Manara will well in no matter scope she had. the primary 0.5 is simply regarding okay and has some jokes on ex-girlfriends that look sensible here and there.Shatamanam Bhavathi Full Movie HD Download,

The entire half of the film goes for a toss. Puri’s narration lacks clarity and logic as each alternative scene goes over the highest time and once more. The sufferer killer is let out and none of the cops manage to nab him even once he kidnaps near fifty ladies. The film has numerous silly scenes like these throughout and one would seriously surprise why a good director like Puri will execute one thing like this.

Rogue Full Movie DownloadEven though the feminine bashing appearance sensible within the begin, it becomes a small indefinite amount an excessive amount of throughout the later half. The manner the sufferer killer is dealt by the hero and everyone the scenes between them look over the highest. The film’s book is dangerous as none of the scenes impress one bit throughout the half.

Ali’s comedy is obtaining boring and superannuated with every passing day. albeit Anoop Singh tries arduously in his sufferer role, his character has not been showcased well. The manner he behaves and keeps sidetracking the plot many time appearances silly.

Production values of the film square measure high notch. The locations chose the fashionable tricks, everything appearance superb. Music by Sunil Kashyap is simply concerning okay however his background score is incredibly smart. Dialogues square measure in typical Puri vogue and suit the young hero well. writing is simply concerning okay so was the styling in dire straits the film.Premalayam Full Movie HD Download,
Coming to the director Puri, it’s terribly discouraging to visualize Puri execute a movie like this. there’s fully nothing story wise as an easy purpose is stretched through the complete last half. Puri’s trademark aggression and fun scenes square measure fully lacking during this film. the sole place wherever Puri scores is that he has showcased Ishaan in an exceedingly superb manner.Rogue Full Movie Download,

Rogue Official Trailer

On the entire, rascal could be a below average romantic drama that gets a post the interval purpose. The lackluster story, tedious narration and over the highest scenes create this film decline. because the film has been created to launch Ishaan as a movie actor, Puri succeeds in doing it the right way. however, during this method, he ignores the remainder of the proceedings and makes rascal a routine and noncurrent film for the audience.Rogue Full Movie Download

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