Run Full Movie High Quality Download
Run Full Movie High Quality Download

Run Full Movie High Quality Download

Movie Name : Run

Director Name : Anil Kanneganti

Writer Name : Anil Kanneganti

Actor Names : Sundeep Kishan, Adarsh, Anisha Ambrose, Bhramaji, Bobby Simha, Bunty Satish, Kasi Viswanath, Koushik, Praveen, Ram Prasad

Release Date : 04/01/2017

Moive Language : Telugu


After an extended gap, Sundeep Kishan is back with a comic book heroic tale Run. Run Full Movie High Quality Download, conjointly major Anisha saint, this film directed by Anil Kanneganti has hit the screens nowadays. Let’s see however it’s.


Sanju(Sundeep Kishan) could be a technologist WHO loses his job throughout the recession time. Left with the responsibility of obtaining his sister married, Sanju takes a hand loan from an awful goon referred to as Vaddi Raja (Bobby Simha).
As times passes by, Sanju fails to repay the loan and this makes Vaddi Raja upset success. Run Full Movie High Quality Download, He confronts Sanju and threatens him to pay his a refund by constant evening.

This is conjointly the time once Sanju’s love interest Ammu(Anisha Ambrose) leaves her house permanently and joins Sanju. the remainder of the story is, however, Sanju manages all his issues and comes out from the evil clutches of Vaddi Raja.

Plus Points:

The various twists and turns of the film area unit quite distinctive. The approach each single character is joined to the most plot has been designed well. Once again, Sundeep Kishan will a sincere job. The approach he has gone regarding his role of a pissed off guy showcases his improved acting skills. Sundeep now’s relaxed ahead of the camera and gets supremely well in his role.

Run Official Trailer

Anisha saint appearance stunning, however, doesn’t have a lot of to try to within the film. Comedy wise, Brahmaji yet again impresses as Padmavati. The gifted actor is currently material fascinating roles and is doing complete justice to them together with his humorous facial expressions and temporal order. Run Full Movie High Quality Download at right now. You can also download Pokkiri Raja telegu full movie download.

Bobby Simha makes a formidable debut because the soul, however, his character has not been handled well throughout the half. half of the film is pretty crisp with ample twists and comedy. Pisani will his bit throughout the top and brings in some comedy.

Minus Points:

After a racy half, the tempo of the film dips slightly as some unwanted scenes and a song that includes Mahat Raghavendra takes centre stage. Too several characters be a part of the fun because the climax is precipitous on to North American nation.

Anisha saint has nothing a lot of to try to throughout the half and also the hero’s approach toward her lacks clarity and conviction. Run Full Movie High Quality Download, The approach main villain’s character is complete and to several things happening throughout the climax makes things a little bland. You can also download Appatlo Okadundevadu telegu full movie download.

Technical Aspects:

Sai Karthik is turning into a master at composing background scores. Even for Run, his spectacular score elevates the film success. Dialogues area unit sensible then was the art direction. Production values area unit high notch and also the effective computer graphics makes the picture look realistic and crisp.

Coming to the director Anil Kanneganti, he has done AN ok job with the remake. although he couldn’t get the essence of the initial, he was part prospering in setting it up in Telugu nativity. Had he managed to narrate the half in a very higher approach, the result would are even higher.


One of the largest benefits of Run is that the crisp run time. an easy story interlinked with completely different characters and the way they’re unravelled throughout the top is what Run is all regarding. exclusion the non-effective narration throughout the half and hurried up the climax, Run has enough twists and refined comedy which can frame for a good watch on.

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