Run Raja Run Full Movie Download In High Quality
Run Raja Run Full Movie Download In High Quality

Run Raja Run Full Movie Download In High Quality

Movie Name : Run Raja Run

Director Name : Sujeeth

Writer Name : Sujeeth

Actor Names : Ali, Seerat Kapoor, V Jayaprakash

Release Date : 08/01/2014

Moive Language : Telugu


Young hero Sharwanand, has perpetually been a talent to observe out for. Run Raja Run Full Movie Download In High Quality,But sadly, a number of his previous films failed to click at the box workplace. currently when a quick gap, he’s back with a romantic human Run Raja Run. Directed by deb Sujeeth, this film has hit the screens nowadays. Let’s see whether or not Sarwanand gets his a lot of due comebacks.


There square measure a series of kidnappings happening within the town, and a special officer Sampath(Dileep Kumar) is appointed for the task. On the opposite hand, Raja(Shawn and) could be an unconventional young guy, World Health Organization breaks up with women solely to seek out his excellent match. Run Raja Run Full Movie Download In High Quality.

One fine day, he meets Sampaths female offspring Priya (Seerath Kapoor) and falls gaga together with her. Knowing this, Sampath assigns Raja a special task of nabbing the snatcher, so as to win his daughter’s hand. an atiny low twist within the tale happens, and things take a mighty U flip.

What is that twist ? however, can Raja solve the seizure mystery? however, is he associated to any or all the happenings? For answers to any or all these queries, you would like to observe the film on the massive screen.

Plus Points:

Let’s begin with Sharwanand. He incorporates a tailor created a role within the film and has yet again proved what an influence house performing artist he’s. Run Raja Run Full Movie Download In High Quality, The means he goes regarding his character is great. He surprises North the North American nation along with his uber cool look and exhilarating energy in his performance. It’s a whole build over for him, that he delivers with utmost authority.

Run Raja Run Official Trailer

Yet another major and purpose of the film is that the attention-grabbing story. the varied twists and turns that are showcased, the square measure quite distinctive and can, sure enough, impress the audience. deb Seerat Kapoor is ok for her initial film and provides the required glamour. Adavi Sesh is that the surprise package of the film. His character has been written smartly, and therefore the handsome actor plays the role of a lawman with plenty of conviction.

The first half of the film is extremely amusing. it’s the required romance, comedy and fast twists and turns. Dilip Kumar from Mirchi fame, will an excellent job of a lawman to the core. Vennela Kishore impresses in his innocent, however, cute anaglyph.

Minus Points:

Major minus purpose of the film is that the initial quarter-hour post interval. when fixing film fantastically until the primary 0.5, the pace of the film bogs down fully. unessential scenes and songs, acquire the image. As aforesaid higher than, a minimum of one song might are sliced off.

Though the film has enough twists and turns, once the twist is disclosed, the film gets inevitable towards the top. As we tend to prepare for a remarkable climax, it’s been hasty up a trifle.

Technical Aspects:

Run Raja Run is sort of smart in its technicalities. Right from Sharwanand’s look to the assembly values, actinic radiation creations ought to be lauded for giving this film a brilliant cool and recent look. People also like Legend telegu full movie.


Camera work is nice because it presents the film during a new lightweight. The locations designated, and therefore the means the songs are shot is additionally smart. Run Raja Run Full Movie Download In High Quality, Ghibran’s music is sort of amusing, so is that the background score. coming back to the director Sujeeth, he has affected North the North American nation along with his initial try. The means he has handles the story associated narrates it in a romantic and amusing means is spectacular. People also like Kulfi telegu full movie.

The screenplay of the film is sort of smart, and therefore the means the twists square measure disclosed is additionally pretty smart. a piece of writing is simply regarding ok, and a minimum of 5 minutes of Sharma’s love track within the half might are sliced off.


On the entire, Run Raja Run could be an excellent comeback for Sharwanand. although the film bogs down a trifle when the interval, Sharwanand’s trendy and amusing character, varied twists and turns build this film a breezy human. suggested.

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