SAHAR JALCHHE  full movie download
SAHAR JALCHHE full movie download

SAHAR JALCHHE full movie download


Director Name : Shudhangshu Mohan Sen

Writer Name : Shudhangshu Mohan Sen

Actor Names : Mithun Chakraborty, Hara Pattanayak, Uttam Mohanti and others ...

Release Date : 06/05/2007

Moive Language : Bangla


An educated villege master came to town and was appointed as a the principal during a faculty.He includes a boy name Priyo (Siddhant). There square measure the anti-social men particularly Pappu & Swro Samajpati. they’re fighting one another in gang wars within the town.

SAHAR JALCHHE full movie download

once he receives the odd news that the late mother of the girlfriend he stony-broke up with means back once has bequeathed him a diary, he struggles to urge hold of it, hoping it’d contain the solution to what’s in some ways in which the central mystery of his guilt-stricken life.

Back within the day, he broken off a awfully cruel letter self-addressed to it girlfriend and his succor, whom he was positive at the time were romantically concerned in how.Premi O Premi Full Movie High Quality Download

Now, years later, not having spoken to either of them for several years, he wonders simply what impact his letter had on their lives – and his.

Sahar Jolchhe Movie Official Trailer

And once Tony gets substantial resistance to his tries to obtain the diery, that he feels is truly his, he decides that he can do no matter it takes to urge it, although it means that behavior which will solely be delineated as stalking.

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