Sarrainodu Full Movie Download
Sarrainodu Full Movie Download

Sarrainodu Full Movie Download

Movie Name : Sarrainodu

Director Name : Boyapati Srinu

Writer Name : Boyapati Srinu

Actor Names : Allu Arjun, Aadhi, Rakul Preet Singh

Release Date : 22 April 2016

Moive Language : Telugu


PLOT:  Sarrainodu Full Movie Download.An ex-army man takes up arms against the evil son of a politician. In the method of narrating the story, Boyapati ticks of each box that’s key thought cinema in our face of the planet.
MOVIE REVIEW: A frozen moment within the air – enough for all the fans to shout their lungs out, whistle multiple times and even shower the sparkling paper – simply before the hero makes a grand entry is a sign that you are certain a ride that defies logic and solely aims to entertain (or thus, they say).

With that grand welcome, begins the journey of each prodigal hero we’ve got met on the Telugu silver screen unnumbered times over the years. we tend to square measure taken into the lifetime of another such guy, African nation (Allu Arjun), an unemployed young man United Nations agency left the military (apparently to bring justice to the society) and is whiling away temporal order beating up goons. Life takes a flip once he brushes the shady Vairam Dhanush (Aadhi Pinisetty) the incorrect means.

In method of narrating this story to United States of America, Boyapati ticks of each box that defines T-town’s thought cinema – the ultimate dramatic confrontation of the rivals, the hero harassing a lady into falling for him, usual gravity-defying stunts, punch dialogues, flexing of muscles, reddening of the attention and in fact the 2 heroines with utterly completely different personas – that square measure a key a part of the formula.

In such films, we do not expect logic evidently, however, it’s absurd however some things pan during this film. for example, a typical man following AN MLA everywhere the place asking her to fall for him raises a significant question of security and why does not she book him for harassment? conjointly, for somebody United Nations agency has been chasing a lady for the whole half of the film, it looks pretty mindless that he’d forthwith travel to a different lady in an exceeding blink of an eye. Then there square measure the dangerous guys United Nations agency are chasing Rakul for “four days” – their aim was to kill her however they wait until the hero is within the neighborhood. however convenient, eh?

Sarrainodu Official Trailer

Allu Arjun is within the new zone of “more mass” during this film and manages to hold it off practically. In fact, the whole film rests on his shoulders and he’s the sole consolation to the current otherwise average package. Even seasoned actors like Srikanth and Sai Kumar square measure wasted with character sketches that square measure terribly obscure. Catherine’s MLA act is reduced to a joke because of the characterization, Rakul is given restricted scope with simply tears to try to. Brahmanandamm, for an amendment, causes you to laugh whereas Vidya’s Tamilian act is conventional and overdone.

Putting logic aside, such movies thrive on mass charm – the moments that offer you a high. however, even in this case, this film fails apart from rare moments just like the surprising scene wherever a hemorrhage Janu (Rakul) and therefore the fight sequences that square measure prime notch. Having aforementioned that, the film’s biggest disadvantage is it does not connect showing emotion. for example, Srikanth being shot and hemorrhage extravagantly does not move you in the least.

The film’s biggest plus would be the technicalities like Rishi Punjabi’s slick camerawork that makes each frame made. Thaman, tho’ repetitive, offers many tunes that’ll stay with you for long. The BGM is paying homage to Baahubali and tends to become terribly loud occasionally.

The prime conflict the director chooses – land grabbing of farmers’ lands by the badass son of a CM, Vairam Dhanush (Aadhi Pinisetty) – is finished to death courtesy many films in recent times created on a constant theme and does not work once more. The film has nothing unaccustomed narrate and fails to keeps you affixed to the seats throughout. The old-hat plot and lack of novelty create this film a daily watch, this film is a few things for the plenty.

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