STREER MARYADA Full Movie Download

STREER MARYADA Full Movie Download


Director Name : Swapan Saha

Writer Name : Swapan Saha

Actor Names : Prosenjit, Ranjit Mallick, Rituparna Sengupta, Mrinal Mukherjee... more

Release Date : 05/02/2007

Moive Language : Bangla


Anju ghosh is that the central character of this film that is a couple of village lady saptom (aryn ghosh). She stays together with her brother pancham (prosenjit), a teacher and each of them ar unmean. Their oldsters ar dead and as a result each of them would like to ascertain the customarily get named initial. they need AN uncle (Subhendu chatterjee), a doctor World Health Organization dotes on them. sooner or later at his chamber, a fellow doctor prosenjit is enamored with champa (ritiparna sangupta), younger sister of chameli (pallabi chatterjee) World Health Organization may be a friend of saptami.

STREER MARYADA Full Movie Download

Saptami maned life hars ent to be a disaster as she is continually looked down upon and mentally forced by her female parent (minakshi goswani) and her relative-in-law deepa (sanghamtra banerjee) World Health Organization stays at her father’s house with an honest for nothing husband (kushik banerjee). Saptam is husband dipak is totally answer of what’s occurring within the house as he’s invariably busy being a doctor and is uninvolved within the menage mellers.champa asho fancham to induce a good job and relax so they will get memed .

Panchem decides to approch suraj agarwal, a chilly storage owner(mnnel mukhya), however he burns our to be a cool man World Health Organization has set has got to set his eyes on champa. meantime panchem is repeatedly affronted by saptami-in-law whenever he has got to rest her and one perchan day saptami goes on searching panchan therefore laborious that he becomes dumb because of shock.

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She wished to try and do this so her brother would ne’er have to be compelled to bne invelled by her in laws however is compoetely unaware that her brother has become deaf there ar few subplots metric capacity unit deepa being molisted by suraj agamwals goon and panchan rescuez her and rajat (kaushik banerjee making an attempt to poison dipaks mind by spreading false rounout concerning sapkarni and basudey (ranjit malhik )dupaks elder brother World Health Organization invariably involves saptamis tesure .

Streer Maryada Movie Official Trailer

Saptanis mother contains a attack and falls from the staves there’s plenty of blood loss and it’s saptarri World Health Organization saves her mother in law by donating blood to her ritupara (champa )comes to saplami and informs her that panhan has become durb saplame rushe to her brother and tries to form him spiak to her wher he’s unable to try and do therefore she starts singing a favoutite song of panchan that he invariably wont to sing he’s ready to recall the song and he too starts singing and things ar nommal once more .saptm is accepted gracefully by her in laws and also the film involves AN finish.

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