Swamy Ra Ra full movie free download in Hindi
Swamy Ra Ra full movie free download

Swamy Ra Ra full movie free download in Hindi

Movie Name : Swamy Ra Ra in Hindi

Director Name : Sudheer Varma

Writer Name : Praveen Varma (additional dialogue), Sudheer Varma

Actor Names : Nikhil Siddharth, Swathi Reddy, Ravi Babu

Release Date : 03/23/2013

Moive Language : Hindi


Nikhil, World Health Organization rose to fame with Shekhar Kammula’s Happy days, didn’t see an excessive amount of success at the moment film. this point around he and Swati have teamed up with director Sudheer Varma for the suspense crime heroic tale Swamy Ra Ra. The trailers and music created a decent buzz for the picture. allow us to see however it fares.


A small time crook faces an enormous time challenge: he should fight to retrieve a valuable article and win the center of his love.The Swamy Ra Ra full movie free download in Hindi starts off with a precious Ganapati idol being purloined from the celebrated Padmanabhaswamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram. the worth of the idol is valuable and it starts moving on from one hand to the opposite. Slowly, massive gangsters get entangled and take a look at to con one another for the idol. On the opposite hand, Surya(Nikhil) could be a dip creator World Health Organization at the side of his cluster of 3, will tiny time robberies to for his survival.
One day Surya happens to satisfy Swati(Swati) a journalist and becomes sensible friends together with her. the dear Ganapati idol, once moving through various hands, accidentally lands in Swati’s handbag. Hell breaks out because the evil gangster(Ravi Babu) involves comprehend this and comes once Swati and Surya. the remainder of the story is regarding, however, Surya and Swati manage to face the gangsters and are available out of the difficult things with success.

Swamy Ra Ra Official Trailer


Nikhil gave a contained performance and in contrast to his previous flicks wherever he goes overboard together with his visual communication making an attempt to be a mass hero, he competes terribly sanely and showed maturity.Swathi is cute as was common and tho’ her role was subdued she ensured that she created her presence felt where doable. She additionally amused together with her trademark punches effort audiences on the roads of snickers.Pooja is there in most scenes and she or he has desirability written everywhere her face and body. She has done an honest job in acting and if she will set up her moves rigorously she will groom her career.

Chanti did his bit PRN, Ravi man was adequate, Praveen was up to the mark, Jeeva was standard; Bhanu Avirineni (one of the ace film promotion designers ‘Anil and Bhanu’) was a surprise package. He has disclosed Associate in Nursing actor in him, therefore, he will do a lot of onscreen; Jogi Brothers were terribly transient, however, sensible. Others contributed effectively.

Plus Points:

The Swamy Ra Ra full movie free download hd picture has smart and classy visuals. Nikhil impresses together with his vague and utterly surrenders to the director. He carries the role of a complicated outlaw well. His visual communication, dialogue delivery, and screen presence have immensely improved with this film. Swati offers AN honest performance as continuously and she or he is at her bubbliest best.
Ravi man is apt for the role of a crook and will his role effortlessly. the primary half the moving picture is fleetly narrated and therefore the story builds up nicely. The gap shots of the moving picture that includes Jogi brothers square measure nice.
Swamy Ra Ra full movie free download in Hindi encompasses a realistic feel to that and newer facet tracks from what it desires to attain. Pooja and Jeeva square measure opt for his or her roles.

Swamy Ra Ra Full Movie Download

Minus Points:

The flow of the Swamy Ra Ra full movie free download in hd picture gets painfully slow sometimes, particularly within the half. The moving picture ought to are cut slightly to hurry up things.
Some scenes and chases are needlessly dragged out and that they have an effect on the pace of the moving picture. The climax isn’t up to the mark and it might are handled higher.
Cinematic liberties are taken within the half because the manufacturers have tried to form the film funny which is wherever the film loses it charm.
The movie’s charm might strictly be restricted to A centers and multiplexes. The ‘commercial elements’ that B and C center crowds expect in Telugu moving picture square measure missing.

Technical Aspects:

Swamy Rara is technically a really robust film. The film encompasses a recent look. photography by Richard Prasad is great and therefore the picture show shots look terribly trendy. Background score is that the highlight of the moving picture. it’s recent, lively and lends smart support to the film. Music is cool and therefore the film has some lively tracks. The title track is especially smart and has been shot excellently. musician Sunny looks promising.
Sudheer Varma will an honest job as a director. He has stuck to his plot and for the most part, succeeds in obtaining the narration right. With some care within the half, the film would are most higher. Peple who liked also likes Temper full movie MP4 download in Hindi


On the complete, Download  Swamy Ra Ra Full Movie could be a good crime adventure story that has its highs and lows. Innovative sequences, nice visuals and a few highly strung moments square measure and points. On the flip facet, a really slow pace and a but excellent climax go against the film. Swamy Ra Ra is price a watch.

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