Wagah High Quality Full Movie Download in Hindi
Wagah High Quality Full Movie Download in Hindi

Wagah High Quality Full Movie Download in Hindi

Movie Name : Wagah Hindi

Director Name : G.N.R. Kumaravelan

Writer Name : G.N.R. Kumaravelan

Actor Names : Vikram Prabhu, Ranya Rao, Karunas

Release Date : 08/12/2016

Moive Language : Hindi


A BSF Indian is control captive in an illegal camp pass by Pakistani troopers. can he be ready to rescue his girlfriend and come back to his homeland?In Wagah, Vikram Prabhu plays Vasu, a young man from a village in Sivagangai who joins the BSF and lands up patrolling components of Kashmir conterminous “the most dangerous border within the world.” however Vasu isn’t any subject. As a boy, he listed within the NCC as a result of the woman he likeable was in there too, and now, he joins the BSF as a result of it’s a portal to subsidized sarakku. Plus, he reasons, what area unit the possibilities of very participating in combat? Wars area unit few and much between. what percentage conflict points this premise brings with it! A do-nothing discovers his inner subject. A South Indian is transported from heat and bustle to snow and silence – he begins to feel lonely, depressed. a person used solely to the fights between his father and uncle currently faces riot mobs with scant regard for Section a hundred and forty four. Any of those threads would create a dramatic tapestry. however the director, GNR Kumaravelan, isn’t interested.

Download Wagah full movie in hdTamil films,Wagah High Quality Full Movie Download with the lead hero enjoying a military man have continually eulogized the greatness and essentialness of the military personnel and their sacrifices for the country’s safety. Director GNR Kumaravelan’s ‘Wagah’ star Vikram Prabhu and Ranya Rao within the lead roles isn’t exception to the current however it’s way more to supply as a movie addressing Indian Army and cross-border problems with the neighbourhood Asian country|West Pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation} Pakistan. that produces this rare and a vital addition to the current list, despite glitches.

Vasu (Vikram Prabhu) could be a Border force workers denote at the India-Pakistan border. He hails from atiny low city in Tamil Nadu and joins the military solely to flee from his close corporation forced upon him by his father.He feels isolated as his job is to stay standing alone throughout the day manning the border. once life gets extraordinarily intolerable, he meets Kaarun (Ranya Rao) a lady living during a close village and instantly falls for her.

Wagah Hindi  Official Trailer  Tamil Movie

A unexpected increase of a cross-border conflict and its aftereffects force Vasu to enter Islamic Republic of Pakistan and obtain caught within the torture camp, in secret pass by the Pakistani army to render demoniac torture and afterward kill the Indian staff crossing the border, accidentally or by choice.The rest deals with what happens to Vasu and his love.

Sincere to its plot, ‘ Wagah full movie download ’ is extensively shot in Indo-Pakistan border localities and Kashmir. it’s in all probability the primary Tamil film,Wagah full movie free download in hd that speaks regarding the emotions of army men, their searching for fondness and love and loudly says that it’s not good to expect them to be epitomes of sacrifice. It brings a couple of welcome modification within the narrative of Tamil films coping with Indian security forces and India-Pakistan relations. it’s one in every of those rare films to (probably the primary in Tamil) to depict Asian country as a rustic with traditional kith and kin like Indians and enmity is simply between politicians and jingoists and not people. The film,Wagah full movie free download in hd conjointly attracts a skinny line between nationalism and jingoism. of these are refrained from compromising on depicting the dignity and greatness of Indian security institution.

The first moves,Wagah full movie free download in hd around on a neither heavy nor quick pace. longer has been allotted to the hero’s makes an attempt to woo his woman love. whereas the need for this within the script is graspable, they might have given a expertise with more fascinating ideas behind these scenes.The twist within the interval sets the tone for AN eventful and fascinating last half. The last half will retain the momentum until some purpose before losing it. There square measure some smart scenes during this just like the one during which the hero interacts with a Pakistani family however they’re way and few. on the far side a degree things get reduced to an everyday tale of a bigger than life hero.The long drawn out climax fight sequence that involves lots of gun shots and bomb hurls utterly lacks believability and lands up testing the patience. The dependence on medium liberties is just too abundant to roof of the mouth in these scenes. One couldn’t facilitate feeling that the crucial portion of the film is dissatisfactory and a higher writing during this half would have created the required impact.People who likes also Businessman 2 (Pandaga Chesko) Full Movie

Vikram Prabhu fits into the role of a BSF officer and is impeccable in action and romance scenes. however he ought to concentrate alittle a lot of on emotional scenes. Debutant Ranya Rao is sweet, appearance wise however leaves abundant to be desired on the performance front. Ajay Ratnam and Karunas create a bearing with their supporting characters with the latter providing some comic relief. Sathyan is adequate in his anaglyph role.D.Imman’s rerecording is one in every of the most important plusses of the Wagah Full HD Download. The songs square measure listenable however lack freshness. S.R.Sathishkumar’s filming is just fantastic in capturing the scenic beauty and also the volatile state of affairs of Kashmir. Editor Raja Mohammed might have applied a couple of a lot of cuts in last half to form the film crisper.


Wagah’ impresses as a cross-border conflict flick with a lot of stress on human emotions and humanitarian values. Over dependence on medium liberties spoils the impact it need to have created.

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