Yevadu Full Movie Download
Yevadu Full Movie Download

Yevadu Full Movie Download

Movie Name : Yevadu

Director Name : Vamsi Paidipally

Writer Name : Abburi Ravi , Ashwin.

Actor Names : Ajay, Allu Arjun, Amy Jackson, Brahmanandam, Jayasudha, Kajal Agarwal

Release Date : 01/11/2016

Moive Language : Hindi


Behind the motion picture Yevadu: Mega Power Star Ramcharan, producer Dil Raju and director Vamsy Paidipally area unit waiting since a year or a lot of to ascertain unleash of this film. Finally, it’s inbound in theatres nowadays. we have a tendency to had the prospect of observation the film before unleash through a special premiere show and here is that the review.

STORY: Sathya (Allu Arjun) is left fighting for his life once Dheeru Bhai (Rahul Dev) and gang kill his girlfriend Depth (Kajal). Sathya is saved by a miraculous face transplant surgery and he returns to require his revenge. The face belongs to a bloke known as Charan (Ram Charan) and his past catches up with Sathya.

MOVIE REVIEW: What created John Woo’s bully off an excellent film wasn’t simply the premise of a face/identity swap. the eye to detail is what created it credible. Sean Archer (John Travolta) incorporates a small chip ingrained in his cartilaginous structure to create his sound like Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage), and is shown undergoing a slew of corrective plastic surgeries on the remainder of his body furthermore as the plot device to urge the audience in thereon.

The motion Yavadu is laced with many bright planned episodes that establish that it’s simply the bodies that area unit changed and not the personalities. whereas the biological advantage of these supposed surgeries might be contested, it reflects the filmmaker’s respect for the viewers’ intelligence. It’s one thing mana Tollywood filmmakers lack utterly.

Yevadu Official Trailer

So once Allu Arjun comes out sounding and behaving like Ram Charan once the ‘face transplant’ we have a tendency to area unit presupposed to cheer for the star instead of the character he is presupposed to be enjoying. Guess the audience (the reviewers included) have very little possibility aside from suffering the intelligence (the lack of it rather) of the filmmakers. The unhappy half is that this quite stuff is truly great by our general standards.

Why else would we have a tendency to keep manufacturing low-cost imitations (and that is putting it kindly) of Hollywood blockbusters week once the week? several celebrated filmmakers have created careers out of creating sufficiently dumbed-down adaptation of cult Hollywood films. we’ve not ought to world cinema nonetheless.

This motion picture this is not a chisel of bully off. we do not have filmmakers United Nations agency have the desired creative thinking and technical knowledge to create [*fr1] tight adaptation of that 1997 action heroic tale. The director simply borrows the central plan to dish out another silly revenge drama. No. It offers 2 revenge dramas rolled into one. once finishing off everybody to blame for his girlfriend’s murder, he goes concerning killing all those to blame for the murder of Charan. Well, Charan’s story is unconcealed within the post interval flashback episode.

For all the hoopla encompassing Ram Charan and Allu Arjun acting along within the motion picture, there’s not one episode during which the 2 share the screen along. Neither will it supply the spectacle of the pair terpsichore along in a very dream sequence. What we have a tendency to get is that the statutory truckloads of action and high sound unit background score.

When not beating up folks to the pulp or terpsichore sort of a dream, Ram Charan waltzes through the whole film with one and a [*fr1] expressions. Sai Kumar indulges his vocal chords in what should be one amongst the foremost over the highest villain characters ever. a couple of a lot off-of such roles and he will definitely break the outer limit of the human hearing threshold of 20000 Hz. Kota Srinivasa Rao and Jayasudha carry off their roles with characteristic calm. Shruti appearance pretty, however, has very little else to try and do.

Devi Sri Prasad’s compositions tho’ conventional area unit may be the foremost pleasurable a part of the motion picture beside Charan’s terpsichore i.e. Allu Arjun is convincing in his anaglyph furthermore. Well, the action choreography is simply indecipherable. There area unit such a large amount of stunts that you just cannot tell one from another. And affirmative there’s Brahmanandam furthermore, however, his comedy track looks to own disappeared within the edit suite.

Note: It’s loaded with high sound unit screaming and sounds of human bodies being bashed to the pulp, thus those with sensitive eardrums would possibly need to hold protection.It is completely not a classic, neither an extremely motion picture nor one thing terribly distinctive. it’s simply an ad motion picture. Watch it and luxuriate in.

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